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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2004 at 9:58am
Hey Yall, im up in NY, its really cold, so yeah wekk has been fun, we r leaving tomaro :'( Ok, Friday we woke up at 2 and uhm, went got to the airport at like 7 or sumthin, and me n kirk and christian n baue were all hanging out (wow kirk talks to me now :-) and then we went on the plain and i had to sit in front of Elyse and Tom...ugh! yada yada yada then we went sight seeing and shoopping...and spent the night in a hotel (Jerry, luke, christian, baue and nick ggot stuck in a elevator ...aka helicopter (hehe tyler)these kids froom bradenton got here....I spazzed so0o0o0o bad lol.....and I met on that knows Brett....thats cool....his name is Allen....all of these ppl from bradenton look so familiar! its crap! ne ways, I met these kids by askin em where they lived bc i wanted to c if they lived by tara or mitch and none of em did, but yeah, Robbie and Jorden and Jesse came up to me and we were talking about it bc i asked them and preston was video taping us....then from like that point on, we hung out is so much fun, i really miss them...and we had alot of free time and stuff to hang out and worship, sunday we had worship and found out whose group we were in and what not...then monday + tusedday we stood outside in the rain and gave out tracks for this church....when we had our church disscusion time, it was weird.........but i learned alot up here, about God....I broke up with Todd bc he isnt christian and he thinks its for some other guy which it really isnt.......but that was a three day processs....idk, what else to say, uhhm, wednesday was boring and we went to coney island and that was soo0o0o boring, nobody wanted to be there thursday was fun.....we had our closing celebration, that was sad, i cried so bad, and me jordan jesse and brittany were dancing on our seets.......and i cried a lil bit afterwards and took a bunch of pics with eveveryone..........and then we packed and went to was really hard......I cried so much today bc i didnt get to say good bye to preston and jordan and jesse and them.......but I stood outside of their bus and when they drove bye, i waved and so did all of em :-) I cant wait till rock the universe now bc i will get to c them then, and we will keep in touch...ihope.....everyone has each others # so all is well....:-) kk, well, im gonna go there isnt alot of detailed stuff, but the week was fun.........oh, i found out i sleep talk! lol, i will write more bout that later.....k peAce...
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