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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2004 at 11:52am
Current mood: bored
Music: ..pieCes 0f me -->> aShlee simPs0n..
Subject: . juSs thinking .
i feel lyke i've ruinedD my lyfe. i've br0ken all trust between me nd my parentsz. i feel lyke theyy dun care nem0re. lately, i feel lyke miKe is the 0nlyy 0ne wh0 seemsz t0 care. i tell hiim everyything n0w. he kn0wsz m0re b0ut my lyfe then i d0 .. if that's p0ssible? but wen tearsz start r0llin d0wn my cheeksz, he's the first pers0n i call nd wen i tell hiim stuff .. he actuallyy listensz nd he alwayysz kn0wsz wut t0 sayy nd he tellsz me the straight upp truth. it feelsz g00d t0 kn0 that he's n0t 0nlyy my b0yfriiendD but s0me0ne i can talk t0. it was never lyke that wit edDy. me nd miKe tell each 0ther all the little detailsz nd shyt nd it juss g00d t0 kn0 he's there f0r me thru all this. s0o my m0m f0undD 0ut b0ut hiim nd i ran awayy. g0t threatenedD that she w0uldD call the c0psz 0n mike. s0o i came back h0me nd gr0undedD till AUGUST 1. it suxx but she saidD if me nd miKe are still t0gether by that tiime, i'm all0wedD t0 see hiim. which is a g00d thiing if y0u heardD the shyt she was sayiin b0ut hiim bef0re. s0o it's helpiin me t0 get thru this. i'm still thiinking b0ut m0viin 0ut th0. i dunn0, i think i'd have a better relati0nship wit my family if i did. juss thinking. s0o phiL is being super dumb b0ut all this nd he's actiing lyke a fuckiin pussy. but wutever. newayysz, g0tta g0 babysit in a few. i'll write m0re if i can later. xoxo (( oNe ))

<33 SiSi
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