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Ari-chan (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2004 at 11:44am
Current mood: awake
Music: The Byrds- Mr. Tambourine Man
Okay... Relatives have come (cousins, uncle, and aunt) and gone (to the San Juans) and come again (granddad, great-aunt, cousin, uncle, and aunt, not nessicarily in that order) and gone again (cousin, uncle, and aunt, back home)... Confusing, I know...

All in all, highly amusing ^_^ We (cousin, aunt, granddad, great-aunt, mother, father, and me) went to Victoria last weekend and I got a Jolly Roger at the Maritime Museum ^_^ Victoria is a lovely city, I want to go back ^_^
And night-before-last was fun too ^_^ At dinner, we somehow got to talking about politics (heaven knows how *that* happened ^_^). My granddad, I am sorry to say, is an extremely conservative, Republican Bushie, and we are all quite liberal. And he and my dad got into an argument about Bush (whether or not he is a lying scumbag- he is) and dad absolutely *owened* him. I mean really 0wnz0rd him. It was awesome. I love politics ^_^

On another note: ph34r them ^_^ ph34r t3h kodama ^_^ ph34r their cuteness ^_^
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