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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 7-17-2004 at 3:49pm
Current mood: melancholy
Music: Lacuna Coil
Ok this entry will be for the past week.....ok well last Sunday our flippin power went out, I guess there were power outages across AZ and Glendale got effected, so of course OUR power goes out...which means our house got really hot and it sucked so me and my lil sis had to go to my grandparents for the night cuze we couldn't stay at our ya we stayed the night there and we didn't get our power back till the next morning so I didn't get home till Monday night, fun fun. Then Wednesday was my birthday...I had a family party which sucked cuze everyone was pissing me off, the only thing that wasn't makin me annoyed or whatever was my dog. Thank you to everyone who REMEMBERED and wished me a Happy Birthday, that means a lot to me. Thursday I went to Steph's house which was awesome cuze I hadn't seen her since December so I was happy =) ya I got ready and we went to pick up Alex to go to DR where we met up with another Ashley and her friend Mike. After we got there we went and saw that King Arthur movie, it fuckin sucked would think it would be gory and have good sex scenes right? WRONG WRONG WRONG! All the fighting was really clean like I expected blood pouring out everywhere and heads rolling but no none of that, hardly any blood and as for the sex scenes, they were like PG rated, very boring =( ya and then after the movies we walked up by Barnes and Noble and stayed up there for awhile, then Ashley and Mike had to go so me and Steph and Alex went to go wait for Steph to pick me and her up, and while we waited I pole danced =D OODLES OF FUN! Steph says I should be a pole dancer in colledge cuze I'm good like I can hang from the pole upside down using my legs with no hands and stuff, so ya that would be cool to take pole dancing lessons or something haha. Ya then her gma picked me and her up and we left and went back to her house where I crashed for the night. I barely got any sleep at all so when I got ome later that day I went to sleep for a few hoours then I had to wake up for dinner and I couldn't get back to bed after that for a long time it sucked...So ya that was a brief summary of my past week...this Wednesday my dad is leaving for a week to go to Wisconsin, HELL YA, so that means I can sleep all day and be up all ight and listen to music and shit cuze my mom works at ngiht so I'll be home alone with my sis for a WHOLE week, I'm so happy! Well thats about it for now people comment if you wish =D

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