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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-17-2004 at 8:33pm
Hey yAll, i Am home now, its All so different....well, lAst night, Jerry, Kirk, ChristiAn,BeAu, Chris, Cody And Nick All got stuck in the room for 2 hrs! omg, it wAs greAt, cet the pArt where Kirk wAs stuck in there! Omg, when he got out, wow, I wAs so0o0o0o hAppy. He gAve me the biggest hug ever! And I wAs like whAt wAs thAt for And he sAid he wAs scAred lol...Ah, i told him thAt I liked him, wow, I wAs scAred it would be like lAst time, where he didnt tAlk to me, but it wAs so totAlly different! He sAid we were good friends And we cAn be friends with yeAh, im down with thAt, juss hopefully we cAn hook up....he got jeAlouse tho, when I told him I liked him ALl he Asked About wAs Preston! lol mAn, yAll hAve no ideA how much i miss him, jesse, jordAn, And Chris! I cAnt wAit to get my pics developed! YAminAhs gonnA try And get em developed tonight, i think immA go with her so imma leAve now, lAter...peAce
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