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-allister- (profile) wrote,
on 7-17-2004 at 9:27pm
Current mood: anxious
Subject: does this world get any better or worse?
hello every one. well this past weekend i went up north with one of my friends amanda. (for camping) it was fun we met this kid named paul i met cody to but not amanda.(she already knew him) well we hung out for 3 days and a morning it was fun during that whole weekend, alot of thing happened. for instance two people liking one person, one person moving on to the other boy, a big fight(word fight) and then a fist fight with some kids. and more oh so much more. but it was an exciting weekend the word fight was fixed though. well the 29th i'm going back up with amanda and i will make sure i can get a camera and take some pictures of paul!!!!! and cody.

i just cant wait till the 29 , i'm excited.

ummm on monday i got home and called natalie she come over and spent the night because i was going to bring her to michigan adventures well it rained tuesday so we went wensday. it was ok but all in all i thought it was fun. the only bad part was when i got two slivers in my fingure, from what ride you ask. well it was the main big wooden one. hmm figures.

so i went to the medical station where this guy poked and cut open my fingure. man i think next time i'll just leave the slivers in there till i get home to do i have never seen twezers that were sharp.I HATE SHARP TWEZERS!!!! but i got a bandade, i was hoping that i would get a sucker because usually little kids do. i know i'm not little but at that point i wanted to be,so i could get a sucker. but other than that it was nice and fun.

today my ma and don just got back from up north with my family my uncle randy's house and his wife peg my grandpa was there as so my grandma. pegs boy roy. and that was all who was there well peg's 3 cats and randy's to bird's. one of them i got to say hello(because it usually takes a while for them to talk some times)aafter i got him to say hello thats all he said all day hello, hello, hello, hello. now the other one keep saying ma, ma, ma, ma oh and what, what, what.mmmhhhmmm. lets just say quite anoying after a while. i watched the movie the interview with the vampire, and fell a sleep on there couch near the end. but i was not the only one my uncle randy fell asleep on the other couch.

and i really dont look at my uncle randy's arm much to when i lifted the sleave up i saw an egale and it said "in loving memory of roy roger". i thought that was the sweetent thing ever. well if some of you dont know roy roger shonfelder, s my uncle that had died on a motor cycle when i was about 4, 5 years old. we all miss him and i was just really happy to see that tatoo on his arm.

well then we came home after eating diner there (it was good).so yeah thats all bye bye.

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