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JessiesLifeADayAtATime (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2004 at 11:43am
okay so, i went to my dad's on thursday. everything was so so. the saturday morning comes along and aurora walks in my room and was like 'ur job today is to mow the lawn' i had done it last sunday. and then i'm like 'i don't feel good.' and she's like 'neither do the rest of it. but if you want to live you you have to do your jobs' and the i'm like 'well i only came over to visit just to be nice' and she's like' well to the rest of us its not coming off as nice, mow the lawn.' and i'm like 'i'm not Fucking mowing the lawn.' and she like starts yellin and shit and was like 'give me the fone', cuz i was on the fone, and i'm like 'no' and she came up and took it and turned it off. and then i go 'you bitch!' and she left. and then as i was walking to my bathroom, i saw her and was like, 'physcho bitch' it was great. then my mom came and got me and i went to evan's for a few hours and came home and had pizza and played zelda for 2 hours and watched tv till 4. now i'm like really sleepy still and i don't feel the greatest. o yea, i had this crazy dream last nite. here's how it goes: so i was in the car w/ a bunch of random ppl and i went to this drive through restruant place. but it was like a bbq restruant. and then i pulled up and ordered like a ribs happy meal or something like that w/ a lite beer and i told the drivethrough lady i didn't want to get fat. LMAO it was so funny. and then to pay for it i had to get out of the car (don't ask) and like this hobo guy came up stole a quarter from me. i yelled at him. but i don't no wat i said. okay that was my dream, well i'm going to go now. later. <3 jes jes 386.760.5822
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