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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2004 at 11:55am
hello All..... I juss got home from church, this is prolly the longest time ive been home in A week! so yeAh, lAst night i went to get my pics developed, tAlked to Jesse And wAs funny, I left a voice mail on jordans fone with his song on it and he said he heard it when he got off the plane and everything was wuuiet and he screamed out thats my song and started dancing! omg, i could so0o0o c that!so yeah Evelyn went to MeAnAs And we spent the night there And i took A shower (And shAved my legs, All cuz of Kirk lol...nAw, bc i wAnted to too!) And did lAundry And I tAlked to Preston from about 11:30 to maybe 1:30.....I feel bad, bc I like kirk and I know that he doesnt want me to like Preston too, and then I talked to Lauren about it, and she said Kirk is right about me still likeing Preston, but idk if i do or not juss bc of the fact that we live an hr and a half its juss gonna be the same as me n yeah, idk whats going on, i do have feelings for him, and i am pretty sure he still has feelings for me bc he bought a key chain with my name on it to remind him of me :-) I almost cried last night bc i miss him so much. he as being so sweet to me, but he laughed at me like crazy! oh, i asked him if Estone liked Lisa and then Yaminah asked me "Does Preston like Sara" so i ASked him
me:"Does preston like Sara?"
him:"wait, thats me n u right?"
him:" yeah i did"

ah, i spazzed man, i wish he would have told me that earlier at camp, but he thought i knew he liked me, but yeah...i didnt.....I feel really bc i have a good memory and can remember our convos......:-/ man...him and Chris might be coming to cape coral next weekend bc Amanda (his sister) wants to come here, i think thats if he does, man, we r def hanging out, and this time, i WILL get to say bye to him.....I wanna c them so bad....and me n Kelci and Sarah are going to Bradenton on a 4 day weekend, and we r supposed to go c their band practice and hang out....n what yeah, he is supposed to call me today......idk if he will, but he said he would so im happy....!
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