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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2004 at 12:28am
Current mood: happy
Music: everbody come along
VBS starts in.... 4 hours! ahhh! i need to memorize more lines!! Today was a church meeting... Audrey said shed prolly pick me up one day so we can chill! i mean she lives less than a mile away and she gotta car finally!! w000t! well.. shes had one, we just havnt seen eachother. Amanda and i are counting down the days till we go to orlando and thats goin to be oh so much fun! michael comes home today. he told me so! thats how i kno! whoa! that ryhmed! Grandma went home! Ashley is at lee memorial for rehab stuff...
umm... what else...
i really wish i hadnt given certain people the p/w to this journal because well.. i dont want them reading stuff so i have to leave it out.. ill eventually write it, just not yet!
im done for now!
i love yah all!
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