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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2004 at 9:44pm
hello all! I am very happy right now hehe :)Preston juss called me a few minutes ago.......He was driving home with Pete and Estone and Chris....and as soon as i answered the phone preston was like i didnt forget about u...ahhh...he is so0o0o sweet!! hehe, then i talked to Estone for about 5 minutes......then I talked to Big Pete!!!!!!! Omg, it was great, he was all like "Preston had to get up in front of the whole church and talk about NY and he talked about u n the rest of the girls from cape coral (Pete called it like coral ridge or sumthin like that) " and i was like dont lie nuh huh yada yada yada and hes like no really he did, he said it was cool how highly we thought of them was funny.....they all thought I was sleeping tho.......bc my voice is so0o fucked up from screaming and w/e.....they still havent heard my real voice, bc i lost it the day we got there and I still havent gotten it back yet, so I juss need to kinda stop talking for a bit...I think I am sleeping most of tomaro so'll be my like only day to sleep in.....bc Sarah is coming 2maro!!!!! :-) yay i am so happy! hehe....and then I have a few days in between when she leaves and band camp and then my dad is taking me n kelci to bradenton to c preston i think for the day while he is with yeah thats cool...well, i am gonna go bc Estones on and i wanna tlk to him bou hanging out......oh, and wait, it sux bc Jordan cant go to ock the universe bc he wet to mcdonalds with out permission in NY and now he cant go on ne church trips....:-/ it sux, so i like will nvr b able to see him :'(....oh well, i will deal...ill still tlk to him i guess...k, well yeah thats it.....i still need help with the whole preston kirk thing
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