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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2004 at 12:53am
Current mood: ummmm
Music: aslkdfja;klsdf
Subject: watching zoolander

1. What's your favorite kind of apple? candied
2. Strawberry shortcake or strawberry ice cream? strawberry shortcake definitely
3. Stop signs - how many sides do they have [don't cheat]? 8
4. Have you ever been pulled over by a cop? see- it's a funny story...
5. Do you run stop lights? umm ME?! never! ask nathan. haha


1. Orange juice or orange smoothee? ugh to the juice- smoothees all the way
2. Do you like Orange Julius? yes i mean i don't personally know him..but i like the place
3. Make up a word that rhymes with orange and define it: well lets see porange...because instead of going through the process of saying yeah i'm peeling and orange and eating can just tell someone you're poranging.
4. What was the name of the orangish Care Bear? no clue i only like the cupcake one
5. Do you like orange marmalade? if i knew what that was i'd be doing good


1. Do you prefer sunny days or rainy days? hmm well it depends. sunny for beach...rainy because i love the sound
2. Do you like lemon cake or lemon meringue pie more? lemon cake yum.
3. Do you run yellow lights? of course
4. What's your favorite yellowish flower? sunflower
5. Do you like yellow or pink lemonade more? pink!


1. What's your favorite green plant/shrub/tree? banana tree
2. What does green make you think of? how nathan think cheese tastes green??? haha
3. Do you turn green when you're nauseous? umm chelsea made a good point. no one turns green. and usually when im about to vomit i dont run to the mirror to look at my face
4. Why aren't there any green mammals? because there's too much green everywhere else..." you gotta mix it up a little bit" - haha tyler
5. What's more nauseating - lime green or olive green? ugh olives. disgusting.


1. Do you like blues music? nope.
2. Does the color blue make you sad? uhh never really thought about it. not really
3. Why is the sky blue? it's more colors than that
4. Are bluebirds and bluejays the same thing? haha no...chelsea made it clear when seh said one's a bird and one is a jay.
( chelsea- you're awesome)


1. Is Tinky Winky your favorite Teletubby? umm no i liked po. little. short. ya know- cool.
2. Why do so many old people wear purple? old people wear...i dont really know what they wear.
3. Do you know a guy who wears purple or pinkish purple? yep
4. Have you or anyone you know ever had purple hair? nope
5. Why is Prince so obsessed with all that is purple? how am i supposed to know..well yeah its cause hes gay

tyler- this is your spot in here. ( more later )
keep it real. not gangsta- not mmbop. just real.

sorry can keep it pretty gangsta though. :)

peace KIND OF easy ( ..hmph CAN be in the middle )


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