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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2004 at 2:46pm
Hey, This is Brett from B-town. Sara is my girl and if i ever get the chance i will go see her, sara be safe in everything u do and know that im always here for you if you ever seriouslly need me. i might not always be online but i try. and you know that ill help you if i can. Your still my great girl and i hope soon some day we can see each other... gotta go...peace
.......thats his guestbook signing thing in my guestbook! wow, i miss times like that when i could actually know hed be there for me! I miss him, and I miss everything from the old, i guess he is serious about changing this time...idk if i will beleive him yet...i cant believe it unlesss i c I am gonna have to let him prove to me that he is changed!here is our convo:

05: hry
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: hey
05: how are you
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: whats up
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: im good....very happy at the moment
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: u
05: im doin really good
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: thats good!
05: so u talked to allan elliot
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: wow, u scared me, ur IM juss popped up...
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: oh and now i know why
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: yeah i did for a lil while
05: kool
05: i havnt seen him since school let out
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: oh.....hes cool, very funny
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: we were in NY together
05: reall what for
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: for a missions trip for church, FBC Bradenton went and my church and ones from other states and i asked everyone if they knew u or tara or mitch.....and only allen said he knew u from skewl......
05: well thats kool
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: it really is, i met some guys up there that live in bradenton..........and we all (cape coral chiks) started likein them...... and im juss happy bc one em called me and he wrote a song about missing me
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: oh, uhm will u sign my guest book.........
05: thats sweet
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: lol
05: yeah sure... how do i get to it....and there has been a lot goin on in my life too i need to tell u about
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: oh, ok.........yeah ya do...
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: uhm, do to my profile, and where it says solely a dreamer....clik dreamer
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: and go all the way down to where it says sign ****** guestbook
05: jus so u know i dont like signing guest books cuz i think what i write is always stupid... but i try
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: lol..
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: ok, so whats going on that u wanted to tell me?
05: i dont know if it worked cuz nothing really happened when i pressed the button so if it didnt work ill do it again in a lil bit.... well lets see i got a new car, new phone, new look, new life.
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: wow, what happened to the old car old phone old look and old life?
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: yeah it worked
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: awwwww!
05: well last that we seriously talked i think i told u i was trying to change and everything and i was doing a good job, and this one bad week came up and i messed up on so many levels where i screwed up my trust with my dads side of my family and a lot of things happened that alinated me from my family.... and then bout a week after that i started doin thinks i shouldnt have been doin again and eventualy got pulled over by the cops one of the nights and well lets jus say what happened that night changed everything... hold on and ill explain i gotta go take care of my dogs
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: alright
scratguy05: how long are you gonna be online?
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: uhm, im not sure, prolly like another half hour or so
scratguy05: ok well im gonna run up to the store i want to talk to you so if u can stay on but if not ill talk to u later... but ill be back soon....

well, im gonna update this, and when he gets back on, i will ffinish writeing....later....peAce....
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