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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2004 at 3:27pm
Subject: the rest of my convo
05: hey
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: hey
05: so anywayz sorry i had to do that...
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: its ok
05: what are you doin
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: lookin up lyrics...u?
05: chillen bout to do some laundry
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: ahh
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: ok, but u gotta explain about this whole thing
05: ok well like i said i was hittin some bad times and i got back into certain (very bad) drugs again... and the cops pulledme over when i had a very good amount of it on me, but i had a hiding place in my old car inside of my horn that the cops couldnt figure out... they brought a dog in to sniff out my car, the dof went nuts, but they never found it... i got lucky, and i concidered that a sign from god tellin me to stop it and start doin right sso i changed
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: I guess its a good thing that u got pulled over....if u dont mind tellin me, what kind of drugs
05: the hardcore drug that dea ot me into
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: ...?
05: the only things i eva do now is drink and occasionaly take a pain killer when im out or at work cuz my work is very physical with all the stuff i do....the cops pulled me over with and i had cocaine on me
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: wow...
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: I thought u had stopped doing that stuff
05: i get a drug test once a week now by my mom and if i come up positive for anything im goin to rehab... which i like cuz i need to stay straight.... i did up until that week that was all messed up, but this was months ago, im a different man now
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: ok.....well, yeah......u do need to stay straight bc u cant get into a good collage much less a law skewl with drug records
05: well ive been a lil over 3 months clean... im makin 8.50 at work, new car, new life... im stayin straight... i got 8000 sittin in a bank account waitin for me to go to college
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: listen, i dont really know what to say, but that I am glad u got pulled over, and parts of me wish u would have gotten arrested but i guess you got ur wake up call with out gettin in too much trouble...but I am glad ur clean and I hope ur life is a good one.....
X0 MiSsIn U143X0 wants to directly connect.
05 is now directly connected.
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: got a bad pic...but i look a lil different now than the last pic u saw
X0 MiSsIn U143X0:
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: its me n this kid from bradenton
05: oh
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: yeah
05: thats kool
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: yeah i guess
05: hey u dont think of me as a bad person now cuz of my past mistakes that are now behind me, do u?
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: No, I think that what u did was wrong, but I am hapy for u that uve decided to change ur life around....
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: I am juss glad that ur finally relizing things, and it sux that u had to be pulled over to relize that what u were doing was wrong
05: last question for you... if we eva got the chance to meet up in the future... would u want to knowing now what you know?
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: want in meet u, or want to as in do what we planned?
05: i was refering to meet... but either of them
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: yeash, meeting is sstill i said, i dont think any less of u now.....and the other thing, I dont knwo
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: ive kinda changed alot, im not so slutty ne more, juss giving my self to ne one, even the person i love..........and not now especially bc we dont even know each other ne more........
05: true... well i would like to start talkin to u more often if i get the chance.. but right now i gotta do some more laundry... if im done and ur on ill talk to u... ttyl... peace
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