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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2004 at 4:42pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: watching Oprah =)
Subject: "y do black ppl have nice cars, but ugly houses? ....b/c they can't steal a house."
yesterday ---> ran around to find stuff for her set & then she took purty pictures. when we get them developed, i'll post 'em. =)

today ---> practice @ 8am. it was christmas... getting our new clothes & shoes, for camp. Principal Rosenweig came to talk ta us... WE GET TO WEAR OUR UNIFORMS ON THE FIRST DAY! thanks to Brittany's convincing email to her. we're gonna be best dressed, by our (me, michelle, karen, & nikki's) logic. ---> "everyone wears their top outfit the first day, n their second best the 2nd day, while we wear our cute uniforms the first day, & our 1st best outfit on the second day =)" me, shay, chelsea, nikki & brittany... & i think stephy have potentional for captain... at least that's what we read through Coach Dares... being indirect =D i scored major brownie points = being a cubs fan haha. ---> as far as stunting goes... all i pulled today was a full cause... the girls i had as bases were sooooo tall n it scared me to pull the scale =/ so angie is flying for that group now. n i'm back at square one. =/

after practice ---> went to PVHS. omg the inside is BEAUTIFUL... like the room is spacious, not like the IB office or the main office where everything is jammed together. but the school is stunning. n i found out Chelsea Ellinger is coming to PVHS. not good. o well.

umm... i showered & me & mommy went to the mall. i bought 2 shirts from A&F. absolutely adorable. =) plus i got my retainer for my belly button... so when camp comes around, my hole doesn't close up. o, we got my sister a bathing suit from Limited Too. its really cute... i need to try it on, cause my mom was like, "it looks like it will fit u."

now, i'm home... waiting the arrival of the ashlee simpson cd that comes out tomorrow. maybe brittany & i will go out & grab it =) anyways, i've gotta get off the phone with grammy & trixie & call Jackie soon. g2g bye bye xoxo
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