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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2004 at 5:33pm
hey there....well, as yall know, i talked to was well worth it...I am so glad to hear that he is going to change or already has changed his life......and now, when I go to Bradenton, and if I go c him....I know he isnt fukin with my head bc he is high....dude, I am so0o0o happy....for realz! It kinda makes me wanna go to Bradenton more, and juss c the new him...(and not juss go to c Preston...even tho I am DEF goin to c him!) I dont like him when he is doing drugs and what not.....I thought i was really roud of him when he got a, I am so happy for him right now! Really, I never thought that something like getting pulled over and having the dogs almost find his drugs would turn him aorund, ya know i thought it would be some one that is close to him (and no, i am not talking about me, bc i dont even know him ne more)...but i dont care who it is...Im juss glad that its over with! Man, yall have NO IDEA how happy I am for that!!!!!
God really works in mysterious ways now doesnt he....? Well, I gotta go bc my mommy needs to get on....later....
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