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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2004 at 10:56pm
Current mood: anxious
Subject: now accepting applications.... will u be mine? make sure to sign the bottom line... promising not to break my heart. =)
anyways... here's the rest of my night.

----> brittany got the pictures back, some r good, some aren't.... i get to take the good ones to chicago. and... yeah, i'mma model baby! lol. neways...

----> i came home n ate dinner. got a call from danielle g that said, she was at don carters. so i called brittany n said to come pick me up cause her n i were gonna go see danielle there before she left for tampa in the morning. well, when we got there, she left with her boyfriend. so brittany & i ran in to use the bathroom... as we walked in the door, i saw shane & jimmy HEHEHE boy do i miss those ib guys lol. anyways... we were passing the pool tables, and we hear, "HEYYYY!" which were the voices of jonah & mike. ahhH! *jumps up n down." i wish we coulda stayed longer... but brittany was pissed about danielle leaving us =/ so we left. yeahhh.... ran back to my house talked to danielle over the phone & straightened things out. ran to the farm store in my pjs n got coke = c2. just to see if there was a difference. now we are sitting here.... i'm talking to jonah, danielle g, jackie, & mike.... while brittany is on her phone talking to marcin..... oooo la la hehe. i want loveeeee. i wannnna boyyyy. as carmen would say. <3 anyways i'm out... this keyboard sux. byes xoxo
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