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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-20-2004 at 9:40am
....Preston called me last night, around 11.....we were only on the phone for about an hr...not even. But we talked, and we laughed basically the whole time....and the last thing he said to me, juss outta the blue, b4 my phone died, was "u have a nice ass" lol....I have no clue what we were talking about that made him say that bc we were arguing about me not getting off the phone bc he doesnt want me to, why do i always gotta like guys in Bradenton...? argh....! But he was all sweet to me last night, and online especially...I'll put our convo in here soon....
Well, Sarah is coming over about an hr.....(ewww, this lady is drawing blodd from my mom and im not looking but i can still c it....juss bc it is gonna hurt seriously i am turned all the way around.....ok wow, enuff bout that...) but yeah, so I am kinda nervous, and my voice is some what gone, so she will prolly make fun of me...and its weird bc my voice juss seems to get worse the less I talk....:/ but I look like crap bc all my make up is @ Meanas and shes in!

ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: talk to me here while the pix send
2: ok
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: yeah
2: i miss u
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: aw, i miss u too
2: i wanna see u really badly
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: ahhh
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: awww
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: ur gonna make me cry agen
2: dont cry sara
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: but it sux ya know, bc i dunno if ur messin with my head or bein for real...and if ur bein for real than i am gonna cry bc i cant c ya for a while
2: look i wouldnt mess with u...i really like u....but like i dont want to mess up anything if u like kirk
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: no....u wont, bc kirk doesnt want a gf so he wont be liking me n time soon
2: oh
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: with me n kirk its complicated bc of somethin that happened between us last year
2: whats that?
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: well, him n my cuzin used to b close and so were me n my cuzin...and one day we went in our canoe that my family shares with kirk and right when we were going home, kirk broke on e of our paddles so me n him had to switch, and i tipped the canoe...then i left his glasses down at the dock and for got to bring the bucket and lost all our stuff...... and then I liked him and the next day some one said i liked his best he didnt like me, and i said do u love ur mom and i forgot his mom died earlier that year, so this is the first time weve actually hung out
2: oh ok
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: yeah...
2: well i like u so
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: ...and I like u
2: awsome
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: yeah i guess
2: u guess?
2: do u not want me to like u?
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: i do, its juss weird bc it isnt like we can go out orne thing
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: well, thats what chris says ne way
2: yea
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: yeah c...
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: but yeah, i def wnat u to like me (lol)
2: lol well i def do
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: ok well, thats cool
2: yea
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: do u like maroon 5
2: not really
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: nvm then
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: oh, did estone tell u i found the song u told me to c...uhm, letters to u
2: ok
2: yea
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: its so sweet
2: yea
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: u do have a sensitive side to ya
2: yea lol
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr:
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: have u talked to ur sis about comin to cape coral?
2: nope not yet lol
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: lol........
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: I want u to, bc Im not sure if imma be able to go up there ne time soon
2: yea
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: yeah
2: id like to kinda pt my arms around u and hold you...taht is ONLY if u let me
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: why wouldnt i??
2: idk idk
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: ...dang, why do i always gotta fall for ppl in bradentonm
2: sorry i can get u to hate me if u want
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: no....the last guy did that, and man, i hurt myself...really badly
2: ok i wont ever do taht then
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: thank u
2: yup yup
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr:
2: u wanna come over
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: yeah
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: too bad i cant
2: what if u could
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: then yeah i would
2: awsome
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: lol
2: like what would u wanna do ....what do u do for fun?
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: what do u mean??
2: like if u came over i dont want to bore u to death so what would u wanna do
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: lol, lots
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: jk...
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: (wow, that made me sound kinda slutty)
2: na def not lol
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: lol
2: i was think the same but
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: haha
2: lol
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: well, atleast we r on the same page
2: yea lol
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: well, i gotta go
2: NO u cant go
ReJeCted Dr3AmEr: i haveta....if u want u can call me
2: yes i def will

ahhh, c he is so0o0o0o sweet to me! But it will prolly juss end up like Brett did....:( I juss know it will and I dont know why I continue to do this....But its like, different from Brett right now....Brett never called me like every single day or even every week or ne thing, Preston calls me 2ce a day at least and everyday....:) And Tara and her friend think he's cute too....and I asked her if I go to her house, if I can c him, and she said yeah....:D YAY!!!

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