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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2004 at 1:07am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: she will be loved // maroon 5
Subject: 100 random things that i bet you never knew about me...
1. people can explain my feelings better than i can.

2. my middle name is Kristine & i wish it had been my first name.

3. i don't mind Briana, but i love when people call me Bri.

4. shopping, cheerleading & talking to boys are my only forms of therapy.

5. i love my friends in many different ways, yet, i couldn't categorize any of them as my best friend because they are all amazing.

6. i hate people who talk a lot about shit that i technically don't care about.

7. music is my comfort and i love to write my own lyrics.

8. but i would much rather be an actress because it has been my dream since day one.

9. i think that god punished me in 5th grade with chicken pox because i believe that if i didn't have the scars now, i would be too pretty for my own good.

10. my prettiness would bring me fame and things, and i don't think god wanted to put my family in the spotlight.

11. i rarely find myself being insecure, but everyone has their insecurities.

12. i'm really not ready to announce this... but i have tried to follow the tactics of bulimia and aneroxia.

13. solemnly believe that i didn't do it because i am uncomfortable with myself... but i've done it because i get caught up in believing since i am skinny, i should be that way.

14. this summer has been the worst for me... my cat was put to sleep, my boyfriend broke up with me, my parents have been threatening to send me away, i have indulged in eating disorders, and i am going to a new school ---> hopefully to find that friend connection that i've been dying for.

15. i am sickeningly independent on the inside.

16. i don't depend on boys, because they come and go, and i believe i'm decent looking enough to have enough confidence that i can find more.

17. i'd rather hang out with a buncha guys anyday, i find it hard to make friends with girls unless its a group like nikki, chelsea, & michelle who i can just be crazy with & stick together.

18. i'm horrified of alcohol & cigarettes, and i don't wanna be peer pressured into trying pot, just because i might give in and i don't want to.

19. my mom smokes cigarettes & i want to puke everytime i think about it, but my dad does pot with his friends.

20. i'm not afraid of the future... i just don't wanna grow up, i like being 16.

21. my family prefers that i was 4 years old again, because i was much easier to deal with.

22. but my dad's anger reaches so high towards me these days that he enjoys throwing objects like forks to my tummy & remotes to my head, only to say a weak, unacceptable "i'm sorry" to me afterwards.

23. i believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason, and you should never attempt to bring your past into your future... there is no need to let history repeat itself.

24. mr. g taught me that.

25. i loved him, along with mrs. stoughton, they got me to enjoy eighth grade.

26. i'm not conceited, just very comfortable with the way i look and act... i blame jonah for that lol.

27. i get eager to say "i love you" to people.

28. so don't be scared, i just like to say it, in hopes i can hear something meaningful, in response, coming from people's mouths.

29. i've only been jealous of britney spears, & the hot people of hollywood, because i could have had that lifestyle, yet i am so in denial.

30. nobody loves me the way i want them to, but i know, that doesn't mean they don't love me at all.

31. personally, i don't think people should have regrets.

32. i dream so much, that i could stay in bed all day & think about doing so many enjoyable things, and be happy the rest of the day, because i can pretend like i did them.

33. i get cold very easily, same with being hot.

34. i can't be mean to ANYBODY, but there are people that i just don't like, yet they have no clue because i am sweet to them.

35. i don't like when someone i care about is even slightly pissed at me.

36. i get nervous, my hands shake, and i tend to throw up.

37. politics confuse me, so i tend to not listen to them, i just want to vote for president and be done with it.

38. half of the time, i forget who is running the country anyways.

39. i don't believe in a family... technically, you are forced to live with strangers from birth & you grow up and learn about them & are forced to say you love one another because you live with them and they are labelled as family.

40. but what if you were too busy being punished and hurt to get to know your dad?

41. i am ashamed of my dad because of his temper, my mom = because she smokes, my sister because she snaps back, and my brother because he is into drugs and is wigger - ish.

42. i love my dad because he has given me so much, but he's too busy to give me his time. my mom, i love her because she will do anything for me and i can spend time and talk to her. my brother, i love him because him and i can be stupid without fighting. my sister, because she n i are just wonderful together.

43. i procrastinate, and i tend to not get things done, but i always seem to come out as the over achiever... or just on top.

44. what i wouldn't do to be a top priority in someone's life.

45. i admire --> britney spears, mariah carey, whitney houston, my mom, carol, eminem, ryan, & jonah.

46. i want two kids, but i can't see myself being married.

47. i pretend to be spoiled, but i'm not.

48. always found that school was a waste of my time.

49. tend to learn more reading and doing the work at home than in school.

50. i fear nothing but death.

51. it's not that i couldn't handle IB, i just wasn't comfortable there, at atlantic.

52. i adore sleep, but i can't stand sleeping in my own bed. but i have my teddy that i ALWAYS sleep with.

53. i'd rather sleep in someone else's bed, just because it's not "mine".

54. i wish to attend UCF because of cheerleading... and psych. and hema and jonah.... etc.

55. for some reason, i'm not eager to find a guy to love me, like everyone else is in dying need to feel a guy's arms around them.

56. the best way to ruin a relationship is to rush into one and start it off.

57. i know this is none of your business, but my period is irregular because of how fast my body weight changes.

58. i love the feeling of being alone and independent.

59. i have so many hopes and dreams but none of them have ever came true...

60. deep inside, everyone is the exact same... and that's how i know i can relate to everyone.

61. i grew up wayyyy to fast because i've always hung out with older people.

62. i miss bret daniel.

63. "she will be loved" by maroon 5 is my latest favorite song.

64. i've always wanted to have sex with him, but because we broke up, i'm glad i didn't.

65. i don't know if i can wait until marriage, but i'd love to.

66. my favorite words in the world are: fruit, doushe bag, and kinky.

67. i never realize when i'm being taken advantage of.

68. this 100 thing is getting harder than i thought.

69. i've always wanted green eyes, but lately, i'm thinking twice about them.

70. i love collecting and counting change.

71. but i don't like the way change smells & how it leaves your hands smelling.

72. i never liked taking pictures until i saw the ones that brittany took of me back in December 2003.

73. i wish danielle & brittany didn't have to grow up. i'm still ready to make more franklin tapes & water balloon fights...

74. if i ever get a boyfriend, i want to go out and have fun, but be able to hang around the house during the day & watch movies and munch, plus it'd be nice if he became friends with my parents.

75. i will never forget when brett came over and watched football on t.v. with my dad a few years ago.

76. with the millions of guys that i have went out with... i've always seemed to have had... MY heart broke.

77. somehow i am still standing here today... and i'm not depressed and i don't have suicidal thoughts. i've had my heart broken... more than 11 times.

78. i love listening to other people's problems, but i feel guilty when i don't have any advice or any comments, i just like listening.

79. i miss my cat. and when my dog goes away... i'll miss her too.

80. ever since the day i was born my cat was in my life... she was 18, and had the same birthday as me.

81. mom has the same birthday as me.

82. my cat was my only comfort.

83. i feel helpless for my mom... i want her to be happy & active like she used to be. work wears her out.

84. i think the weirdest things are hot.

85. i love my feet.

86. and my tummy.

87. you don't have to tell me twice... i have a big apple bottom, and if i sit on you, and you become a pancake... i'm truly sorry.

88. i don't like to read. i want to read, but unless the author puts the middle of the book in the beginning of the story... i won't enjoy it.

89. i don't think i would have a problem putting in contacts because i always touch my eyes, and i don't even blink, nor is it complicated.

90. i do love the ninety's.

91. my favorite numbers are all odd. 3, 19, 21, 69, 91.

92. i love accessories, and my favorite one would be either bracelets or purses.

93. i would die for a yorkshire terrier.

94. if someone tapped my butt repeatedly when i was a little girl... i would fall asleep.

95. there are such things as miracles.

96. i wish nobody had to die.

97. you are my support.

98. he has made me a better person, and i can't explain how much thanks i have for him and how much respect i have for him.

99. cheerleading is my anti-drug....

100. and so are you. i love you.

good night homie. xoxo <3
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