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JessiesLifeADayAtATime (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2004 at 1:14am
Music: Good idea......(starts playing atreyu)
Subject: Laffy Taffy and Mexicans
So today i went to blake and kyle's. and like i wanted to go to the circle k and like blake couldn't go cuz he was in trouble. so kyle and i went. its like at least 3/4 a mile there and then back. lol. wen we got there i got like two laffy taffys, sobe, and M & M's for my sister. on the way back we stopped and sat on top of this hill and ate all the shit we bought. and then as we were walking back i was feeling hyper and then mexican guy was running and i jumped in front of him and went "BLUWAH!" and he like jumped and then he was like "wat you got a problem!?" and kyle was like "she's weird" and he's like "yea i thought so!" LMAO it was so funny. he fucking tryed to pick a fite w/ me. lol. and then like these black guys were cat calling kyle. (he was carrying my purse) lol. it was great. then wen we got back we were all just chillin and kyle licked me. hehe. i'm out later. <3 jes jes. 760.5822
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