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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 7-22-2004 at 7:16pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: nick bouncing and gwen saying
Subject: Delirously happy by Gwen (& Nick)
I found out that Jwessika's cousins are really mean and that they don't like books. That's so wrong and I feel really happy because I didn't hit her ceiling when I jumped on the trampaline and Nick likes the puppies and they gave him a present and did you know that life is really great and this is a run on sentence, but Jessika thinks that punctuation is my friend but I consider it evil because then it disruped your thought process with a dot. Dot. Dot. Anyways.... I think that Nick is jumping around too much and that i shoul itch my nose and LIFE IS AN AWESOME RIDE KIDS LETS GO GET COFFEE and that Jessika should not step on the poor puppy because it is a puppy and smaller than Jessika and that is really nice. Nick wants to say something...
I'm wasting my life away on an exercise trampoline... although Gwen is wasting her life away there now, while talking about bouncing body parts... Isn't our live amusing. Acutally It's disturbinly uneventful and sad to watch. We are a waste of space. So, it's nice to know we make good use of that waste. Long live stupidity!!!
I'm done now...
Positive sheild, positive shield. I am rubber you are glue everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you. Negative thoughts are bad especially when Nick falls off the trampoline without even jumping on it and it's okay to waste your life on the trampoline as long as you have fun doing it. Jessika tried to cut my head off with the fann....QAAAAAS
I've just had a near death experience (I being Nick, of course)... I just reached the edge of the trampoline, and almost went over. It was close, but my great reflexes saved me. What else is of interest right now....
negative space:

positive space:

Gwen is sneezing in the bathroom. Other than that, it's extremely quiet in here. But Gwen feels much better now.
One might be amazed at how amusing a trampoline can be when one has wasted one's afternoon at Jessika's house. But since none of us go by "one," none of us care. Enter Gwen:
Hi there all you lovely people! did you know that you can create tons of hilarious and new words by misspelling words? It's great fun. Nick is attempting to make the puppies actually nice and all he is accomplishing is mangled fingers. Still this is a great way to learn how not to put limbs in any type of gnashing sharp teethed mouth. Jaws is one example and it inspired me to watch Shark Week which is extreamly intertaining but makes me not want to be a marine biologist... stop playing with the pig Nick..enter your wise words here: I'd like to confuse the spell check. *ahem* AWERPPOSIERLKDJSOEORIDIDEEGHL:IBSAWE!!!!!!
And that was wonderful.
and now for a chicago moment:
And all that jazz!
*end moment*
We've become more like Jimmy... how strange of us.
Oklahoma moment:
Oh what a beautiful mornin'!
Chorus Line moment:
One singular sensation, every little step she takes!
Shakespeare moment:
I'll look to like if looking liking please.
*end nick's time*
Wait! I can explain!!
no I can't....
*real end of nick's time*

Haaahaaahaahaaa! Evil laughs are always a joy!I feel a Norman Bates moment coming on... he's from psyco the movie. Jessika found a spoon stuck to a plate by jello salad!! Aaaaaa! Anyways Nick is attempting to jump on the trampoline I refrain from using the nickname tramp and he fell off the tramp and hit the chair! A sad funny moment and now I think we have written enough,hopefully we have entertained you and enough and Nick is now killing the chair! he killed it! It's broken! More positive space+++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++! I've got rythum, i've got music... you finish the sentence spider man!

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