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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-23-2004 at 1:51pm
Hey there......I have a new email adress.....its rejected yeah, thats that....uhm, Sarah juss left, she spent the night last was fun...>Simone snores and sleep talks so we were up most the night laughing our asses off!!!! Then today we went to Mc Donalds.... and uhm, got online and watched Finding Nemo...and now we r "watching" LOTR......... and yeah, I am leaving in about a half hr to go to my aunts....and I wont get to tlk to preston unless I call him on my dads cell and have him call my aunts.....or if I get online over there...

Man, I want some Pizza! ah! OH, Mike got his hair cut!!!! I saw him yesterday....and wow, it used to be all long and what ever, but now its really looked better longer!!!!!!!!

hmmm, I miss Preston!!!! I think me n Tommy are the only ones who actually write in Woohu ne wells..........kk, well, imma go , email me some time :)
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