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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-24-2004 at 9:19am
Current mood: sad
hey yall...I juss woke up...and man, I am tired....! Yesterday me n Magen and My Aunt and Cusins went shopping.....This was the first time I've met her, it was cool...she is really nice, then we just came home and talked for a little while, and got online....At like 10 she went home, and we talked online.....she lemme "meet" her friend, he was really nice, and said I was pretty and nice and that I could be beating boys off me with a stick! I was like awwwww!!! Preston tells me Im beautiful all the time, but never that :-) so I was happy.......and me n Preston talked, well, he talked, I more like cried...Man, why do I always gotta fall for those kind of guys?????? Especially when they live so far away...? Well, thats the only thing thats keeping us from going out.....for now :( I am really scared he is going to find soem girl up there that he'll like...I brought that up to him last night and I said "Im scared to let u meet my friend when I go stay with her" and he said"why" and I said "bc shes alot prettier than I am and she lives closer, so u'll be able to go out with her" and he said "incase u have short term memory, I like u" and I said "incase YOU have short term memory, we live to far apart to go out." and thats where it ended with that convo.....that last statement was kinda harsh, but man....right now I could really careless about the distance....:-/but yeah then he called me, and we were on the phone from uhm, 11 sumthin till 1 sumthin :) it was sooo funny, bc he was singing to me agen...but Chris was with him, n they were ddoin a duet....that was not a pretty noise! lol...I miss them! argh!

X0 MiSsIn U143X0: hey
2: hey
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: how r u
2: im awsome how bout u?
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: hmm,ok iguess
2: y just ok?
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: how far away from venice beach r u
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: i dont feel to well
2: oh im sorry...i wish i could make u feel about an hour awayf rom there
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: oh bc we might go to that beach tomaro and my aunt wanted to know if u wanted to meeet us there if u went
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: *8if we go
2: i would love to but i got to see i someone can take me
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: alright
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: im not 100% sure if we r goin or not
2: ok
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: yeah
2: so how was ur day
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: hm, went shopping with some girl i juss met who knows no one was fun
2: awsome
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: how was urs
2: it was great i went to the beach and then a movie
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: oh....r u ne tanner
2: yea a lil u wanna see sometime ?
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: lol, yeah!!!!
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: lol, u know that pic of ur ass we took.....well i got it
X0 MiSsIn U143X0 wants to directly connect.
2 is now directly connected.
X0 MiSsIn U143X0:
2: awsome lol
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: haha
2: i got my pics back today
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: uhoh
2: yea...i got a ton of u
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: :-(
2: whats the frown for
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: bc if they r of me...then idk
2: yea ur beautiful and im glad i have alot of u
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: well im glad u think so
2: i do
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: well, u mind tellin the rest of the world that
2: ok
2: well i gotta go but call me if u want to
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: uhm, idk if i can im at my aunts....why do u have to go?
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: everyone says we should go out lol
2: cause we got to watch a movie
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: oh..............
2: i would i really would
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: .....?
2: go out
2: but we have a lil problem
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: oh.......yeh...what
X0 MiSsIn U143X0:1290: but even wit tha distance problem i'm sure u guyz qwould still see each other more than me n Bo do n we don't have that problem
2: yea distance
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: ...hmmm
2: yea
2: well if u can call me tonight
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: .....alright, ill try...
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: if u can, will u get back online?
2: yea if i can
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: alright......
2: i'll ttyl....i miss u
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: u might have to call my aunts tho
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: i miss u too
2: ok
2: bye bye sara
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: yeah how long is the movie, i dont wanna inturupt u
2: na just call my phone anytime
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: alright......
2: bye bye
X0 MiSsIn U143X0: bye
2: i'll cry myself to sleep til u r here

Auto response from X0 MiSsIn U143X0: Hey....I am tryin to sleep....thinkin bout somthin :'(

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