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x0whitney (profile) wrote,
on 7-24-2004 at 10:08pm
Wow, can you fucking believe it!?! Look who it is! Yes, I am this fucking bored. The boyfriend is at work & will be until 11pm & I`m here, B0RED. I honestly, waaan a job. How fucked up is that? Buut, yeah; I`ve kinda been talking to my parents about that. I could go work with Justin, my boyfriend. He cooks & I would be waitressing, but I really don`t know if I want to work with him. We talked about it the other day & what if one of us got pissed off? & We`ve really never fought. I got pissed at him one night over Tiff because she got drunk & he left with her [ I told him too } but I thought they would come back & they DiDN`T, but anyways. & We were talking yesterday & he was like "I don`t want us to start fighting all the time." & I was like "We don`t fight, do we?" & He was like "No, & I don`t want us to. That`s what I`m saying. So, if you ever have a problem with me, let me know. If I`m being a dick, let me know." So, I said "Well, then you have to let me know when I`m being a bitch.." & He didn`t wanna agree to that, but he did. =) Anyways, I just got WAAAY off track. Anyways, like I was saying; I WANT // NEED a job, BAAAD. The only thing is, with me playing volleyball, nothing would probably work out. =l Buut, I`ll have a season in between volleyball & softball, so I could get a job then.. =) I really don`t wanna hafta wait that long, but I do.. & I`ve gotta go get my work permit. Oh, Justin`s hardcopy of his liscense came in the mail today. He ALWAYS wears yellow in pictures, which is fine by me. He`s like, the most tan person I know, so yellow is sexy on him. Hah; you should see his tanlines. They seriously crack me up.. Hmm, anyways, so, I`m happier than ever & life fucking rocks. The end.
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