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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2004 at 12:51am
.....I am really tired........I was on the phone with Preston for 4 and 1/2 hrs.....
But yeah....Me n Sarah went to the movies yesterday afternoon...we saw The Notebook....It was really good....I cried....The movie follows two young lovers named Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun, who meet one evening at a carnival. But they come from different backgrounds and when World War II breaks out, they are separated. Seven years later, after waiting for Noah for several years after the war, Allie meets a handsome young soldier named Lon. He proposes to her, she accepts, and they are engaged. Allie then sees a story about Noah in the newspaper and she stops by his 200-year-old home to see if he's okay. It is still evident he has feelings for her..............

Its a really sweet movie....I wanna c it agen...hmmmmm....then we went home (to the hotel) and we were kinda not in the best moods so we didnt tlk to long....and then we went out to eat and yyeah, then went back to the hotel and tlked to this one dude who told me I was to young....but then him n his brother walked by me n Sarah......and apperantly he thought I was fine, and wrote a note and put it on the car last night or this morning and it was like " Hey, me n my homie were the guys walking past u last night and I was the one in shorts. I just moved here and want to party and hang out, but not too much. My brother told me that u were 15 and 16 and AI am 17 and single so yeah. I thought the girl in the pants was fine, her friend was to. and I wanted to holla at her but I guess u didnt hear me. But tell me if yall r single and leave a note on my door" not exactly what it said....but close yeah,i am going to call him later I guess...? lol.....and then we came here and yeah got online for a while, and i got my pictures........:-) I will put em in here later....

But yeah, then after everyone left, I was on the phone with Preston from 11:30 pm. to 3:00 AM....It was funny.....he kept teasing me about Kirk... :'( and uhm, I told him I wish I could see Jordan at RTU and he was like ah ur hitting on one else? and I was like uhm....I called Chris...? and hes like woah, now ur taking my best friend...and I was like yeah, ne hes like ne one else and i told him who else and he said wow, juss take estone and jesse too.....and I was like ok, but they wont mean ne thing......

(Im tellin yah all our interesting stories)

Ah, we r going to conduct an c if I am fat or not....but it involves him putting his arms around me and a kiss......but of course, it is all juss expeiramental! He said it might take all night and the next two.... But I will deal with it...! and then, we r going to wrestle and he has to try to pin me down, and I have to try n pin HIm down....Ill win...! hehe ;-) and then he asked me how I am going to do it and I said that I would strattle his stomache and hold down his hands and he said that he would juss have to make me fall and we would juss lay there like that! hehe......then he got mad at me for not telling him me n todd broke up in NY.......I thought Chris told him!!!!!!!!!!ahhhh.......n yeah, there is more but I am too lazy to write it and I dont think yall wanna hear ne more?????????

Oh, I told him that I was scared to let him meet Tara and he was all like "In case u have short term memory, I like u" and i was like "In case U have short term memory....I live down here and she lives up there and shes alot prettier than me...." and yeah he told me he wouldnt bc he likes me....:-)......yeah, Meana has a point....they prolly wouldnt like the same stuff so they wouldnt get along too well bc Preston is all like skater and she is all not quite sure what she is ne more....but yeah....she isnt what he is....ok thats bout it, gonna go now...buh bye!!!
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