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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2004 at 11:46am
Current mood: fine
Music: froggies
Subject: i am alive
heh. here i go. i'm gonna start updating ok jorie!

well too much crap has happened i'll try updating little by little cuz it would be cool to look at this in the future. especially since it shows alot of my progress.

well for now i'll write this. i'm going out with mushroom (alex), only he's been gone for 5 weeks and will be gone for 2 more. he's a councier at this camp in ma-ka-ja-wan. heh.
well anywayz. there was this kid eric, and i thought i liked him but i think i was just excited to be getting attention that i wanted. well then i hung out with alex at a picnice and then we hung out alot and i really respect him, and he's really what i want from a guy right now. well eric i kinda left in the dust lol. but then i went to florida and then he kept trying to im me and i just didn't want to talk to him cuz i did get kind of mad that time where i went to his friends house and everyone was basically drunk, he wasn't but it was still awkward. but anyway, i really wanted to talk to him to straiten things out. so here's the convo

BlkCandyNecklace [9:08 PM]: hi
BlkCandyNecklace [9:09 PM]: sorry i didn't answer earlier i was at work
Phate318 [9:12 PM]: hey no prob
Phate318 [9:12 PM]: how are ya
BlkCandyNecklace [9:12 PM]: i'm good
BlkCandyNecklace [9:12 PM]: how are you?
Phate318 [9:12 PM]: great
Phate318 [9:13 PM]: im doin awesome!
BlkCandyNecklace [9:13 PM]: : )
BlkCandyNecklace [9:13 PM]: you sound really optamistic
Phate318 [9:13 PM]: u are the second person that has told me that in like 10 mins
BlkCandyNecklace [9:15 PM]: heh
BlkCandyNecklace [9:15 PM]: mabey it's your big font
Phate318 [9:16 PM]: haha perhaps...better?
BlkCandyNecklace [9:19 PM]: no itís not bad lol
Phate318 [9:20 PM]: so what have u been up to?
BlkCandyNecklace [9:20 PM]: um i was in florida
Phate318 [9:21 PM]: oh snap
Phate318 [9:21 PM]: i didnt know that
BlkCandyNecklace [9:21 PM]: and i've been working and hanging out, having fun with my last summer of high school
Phate318 [9:22 PM]: yeah i hear ya
BlkCandyNecklace [9:22 PM]: what have you been up to?
Phate318 [9:23 PM]: chillin with the guys school monday and wed. and workin like 45-55 hours a week
BlkCandyNecklace [9:24 PM]: holy shit
BlkCandyNecklace [9:24 PM]: so your not having too much fun
Phate318 [9:25 PM]: well my weekends are a blast!
BlkCandyNecklace [9:25 PM]: cool
Phate318 [9:25 PM]: heck yea!
BlkCandyNecklace [9:37 PM]: i just wanted to talk to you so we could end on some kind of note, well not exacally end but you nkow what i mean. i know we won't be hanging out much, i just didn't want to stop talking to you without us talking about it first
Phate318 [9:38 PM]: oh i totally know what u mean its not that i dont want to hang out with u at all, its just that over summer i dont want to be serious with any girls because that is the only time that my friends are in town so i want to spend that time with them, but once their gone, i dunno id like to haev a gf
BlkCandyNecklace [9:42 PM]: i completely understand, only i'd feel like i was on hold you know what i mean.
BlkCandyNecklace [9:42 PM]: your an awesome guy, and you are cute. only i have a boyfriend now so you don't have to even think about me if you don't want to.
BlkCandyNecklace [9:43 PM]: i would like to keep talking to you though. and if you'd like to be friends and hang out that would be cool too
Phate318 [9:43 PM]: its cool i gotcha
BlkCandyNecklace [9:47 PM]: i can tell you that you'll be the first person i'll call if i need someone to kick someone's ass
Phate318 [9:47 PM]: haha why is that?!
BlkCandyNecklace [9:48 PM]: your really strong lol, isn't that obvious?
Phate318 [9:48 PM]: haha i dunno!?
Phate318 [9:49 PM]: yeah i feel really bad i missed out on u, its just that like when all my friends get back in town i try to spend as much time with them as i can cuz after their gone, i go to school, work out, adn go to work, thats IT!
BlkCandyNecklace [9:51 PM]: hm. i don't really know how to respond to that
Phate318 [9:52 PM]: i know its a weird situation and i wouldnt expect u or anyone to wait around like u said
BlkCandyNecklace [9:53 PM]: i do respect the fact that you put yoru friends first
Phate318 [9:54 PM]: their like my brothers, ive known and played football with them for 6 years
Phate318 [9:54 PM]: ive known them all together for about 8 years
BlkCandyNecklace [9:55 PM]: cool
Phate318 [9:55 PM]: but i mean id love to have a gf, i like just having someone to talk to and hang out with all the time, its great!
BlkCandyNecklace [9:56 PM]: we can still hang out
BlkCandyNecklace [9:56 PM]: just tell me whenever
Phate318 [9:56 PM]: aight sounds good
BlkCandyNecklace [9:56 PM]: of course as friends though
Phate318 [9:57 PM]: yeah
Phate318 [9:59 PM]: yeah remember a while ago when i was talking about the whole friends with benefits thing because i really liked u but i knew i wouldnt be able to put enough time into it to make it a good relationship
BlkCandyNecklace [10:00 PM]: yea
Phate318 [10:01 PM]: so yeah...
BlkCandyNecklace [10:02 PM]: yeuap yeaup
Phate318 [10:12 PM]: so who is the bf?
BlkCandyNecklace [10:13 PM]: someone from school
Phate318 [10:13 PM]: cool
Phate318 is away at 10:38 PM
Phate318 returned at 10:43 PM
Phate318 signed off at 11:28 PM

yeaup. so whatever. i treid being really nice, if we do hang out i'll definitly bring someone else with me, but we'll see.

i'll write more later : ) i will.
it kinda felt good writing this down, ahhh now i remember why i started a journal in the first place :smirk: ttys
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