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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2004 at 5:32pm
i wish i could say i was alright for the most part i am but sometimes you know, i just want to end it all in a big fucking blaze of glory as i fly off a bridge into the water down down down splash and i would feel reborn maybe. maybe i could be someone else in heaven, because if its heaven then it should be the best thing in the world right? or maybe im just being blasphemous. my lips said i love you in case you were wondering. if you have to go don't you cry, if you have to go i will get by, someday i'll follow you..see you on the other side. i had a dream about molly the other night. it was just like we were hanging out like we always did..laying on my bed, music, sunlight..tickle laugh hahaha make a fart noise on your stomach smile kiss kiss i love you cuddle. thats the hardest part really..thats gone i grew addicted to the touch and the feel and the comfort that you gave me.

i swear if i could hold you one last time, i would never let go. but we both know whats going on, so its alright.

i'm alright.

you're alright.

we're all...
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