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theroofisonfire (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2004 at 10:54pm
Subject: mediocre people do exceptional things all the time.
ok so something new now. i think i'll voice my opinion on the topics! here goes....

politics--vote Kerry. he looks humble. a minority government in Canada? it'll never work!

hollywood and the celeb scene--less divorces please. leave Mary-Kate alone. Ashton and Demi are strangely unnatural but it seems to work for them. i dont care what you say but, Britney, Christina, and Jessica have nothing on Stacie Orrico! emerging singer Jojo has a hot single (leave (get out).Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal? i hope they remain friends. i'm sorry but pumps are hot. the sitcoms with fat husbands and skinny wives are a double standard. i hate double standards, men who sleep around are whores.

technology--Bill Gates says CDs and DVDs will be obsolete in 10 yrs, pretty soon that man will push technology too far. someone has to draw a line on how small phones can get and how fast computers can run. technology causes obesity.

the economy--the markets arent exactly going up are they? the canadian dollar is now 1.33 o the american 1. that needs to go back up to 1.60 to 1 so we can exchange all the american money we still have. (the higher the rate of exchange, the more canadian cash we get for less american cash) plane ticket fares need to drop.

health--i read somewhere teenage pregnancy is going down, which is good. and smoking among teens is also dropping. try and save youself. dont smoke. alcoholism is dropping among adults. save your kidneys, dont binge drink. AIDS and HIV are getting worse, souse a condom. or better yet, abstain.

weather--beautiful up here, with temperatures topping out at 85 never dropping below 77. the sun is out and i need to tan. i miss the humidity and i miss the southern heat.

sports (if you dont follow sports skip the section, its kinda long)--Lance Armstrong has to be one of my heros, Venus Williams got robbed at Wimbledon, I'm a fan of Andy Roddick. the Marlins are disappointing me, Miguel Cabrera+Mike Lowell+Juan Pierre+Luis Castillo+Dontrelle Willis+Armando Benitez+Josh Beckett+Carl Pavano=a winning team right? apparently not. the dolphins will go 13-3 this coming season. even without Ricky. that sellout. the Gators will go to a BCS bowl behind the leadership of Chris Leak. the Heat have a bona fide center and an amazing backcourt. the Magic have a better backcourt plus a future allstar in Dwight Howard. magic fans, let me introduce you to Jameer Nelson, the NBA's next Stephon Marbury. Allen Iverson is now playing 1-guard again. the olympics? the Greek people need to buy tickets to the games. Americans are lacking the dominating sprinters they once had. Wheres Tim Montgomery(100m record holder)? wheres Marion Jones(100m/200m record holder)? those two had a child together, three words for you: FASTEST BABY EVER. Michael Phelps? he wont break Mark Spitz's record of 7 medals but he'll get close. USA soccer will do decent thanks to Landon Donovan, Brian McBride, the leadership of Claudio Reyna and goalkeeping of Brad Friedel (if he plays).

*damn that sports section is huge

the world--the olympics arent selling seats, the Phillipines gave hostage taking vigilantes what they wanted. Isreal needs to tear down that ridiculous wall. i think pollution needs to drop. say no to SUVs, drive smaller cars with a manual transmission.

education--my current high school (Centennial) is much cleaner than the current Atlantic. its probably cleaner than most PBC schools besides PVHS and the new WBHS in west boca. but quality of education? not as great. le commision scolaire du quebec, and commsion scolaire rive-sud school systems are much more porblematic.

religion--religion is really dying. have faith. dont test God.

and there you go. Luan has tackled the issues. btw me, Edgar and Sunil have decided to join forces and create an uber livejornal. check it out at and leave lots of comments on LUAN's entry.
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