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werealljaded (profile) wrote,
on 7-27-2004 at 1:54pm
Current mood: discontent
i NEED a new effin car! i'm on my way home today and about a mile from my house, i notice a LOT of smoke coming from my lovely peice of shit. i get about 3 blocks from my house when i decided i had to pull over. but, to my surprise, my radiator back-up was full. so... guess who needs a new water pump?? yeah, guess who needs a whole new car. it's so depressing, i work 40 hours a week, making pretty damn good money, and i can't even afford a nicer car. of well. in two months i'm 18, and maybe i can get a new car. this suckssssss.. i am really bummed out. why can't anything ever fucking work for me. every day i find something else wrong that i need to fix, i can't spend money on it, i won't be able to sell it for that much as it is. arggggg
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