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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 7-28-2004 at 1:23am
Current mood: really really happy
Music: on a high - duncan sheik
Subject: from horrible to odd to great
so today
computer has some sort of monsterous error occur.
computer wont get on to windows.
so i dig out the recovery cd's..wont work
i was really upset
sometimes i want to kick this computer like its a football
it wouldnt solve anything but it would release a lot of pent up anger i have for this computer
damn you scuba steve!

so babysitting at terri's
the kiddies: ryan, adam, brandon
they were all on sugar rushes
they are bouncin around the house like the bouncy balls ya get from the machines for a quarter at a grocery store
diandra comes over too.
i had all three little boys trying to beat me up. fun.
ry and i walk adam home. its rainin out. we take umbrellas.
mine was huge. so we drop adam off.
i twirl my gigantic umbrella to get some of the water on ryan.
so ryan tries it but just ends up poking me with the ends of the umbrella. that hurt a bit.
get back to terris.
subs came. yum.
ryan and brandon still pinging around the house.
ryan starts a wegdie war with brandon and wins since he is so bigger.
ryan put his TOUNGE in his DOG'S MOUTH. gross.
diandra and i got beat up some more.
ate carrotcake.
diandra and i got beanie babies and wwf action figures thrown at us.
i put the cat on diandras head out of boredom 'i just love it when the cats claws go in to my skull' or somethin like that
ryan puts some of rachael's fake nails on his thumbs.
more fighting between ry and bran.
more fighting between ry and bran against diandra and me.
more chaos.
more mayhem.
parents come home. yay

terri drops diandra off then bran and i.
i come in all sad cause the computer wasnt working.
i get on and start messing around with it and it worked.
i dunno what i did but i am sooooo happy that it is workin now.
annnnd also no longer do you have to pry open the cd-rom tray with your fingernails cause now ya push the open button and ta da it opens!

andie andie oxenfree***
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