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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 7-29-2004 at 1:26pm
Current mood: crappy
Music: Selfish-Slum Village n Kanye
i'm callin..(yea maybe i'm selfish)..out to..(i want u to myself i can't help it)..all my..(yea maybe i'm selfish)..ur my ladies and i can't..(maybe i'm selfish)..let you..(i want u to myself i can't help it) with no one but me baby..

o0o..thatz my love the video too..cracks me bentley..lmao..anyways..wussup peoples??..nutten much step daddy brought me home from work early feelin to stomach been hurtin and i have a baddd headache..i popped a couple tylenols..been layin imma eat some yea im sick..i better get better by next saturday!! sicknesses dont last long imma prolly be better by tomoro..thank left today on her cruise..shez coming back on my birthday..i havent talked to amara in awhile..i miss them..:(..we didnt get to chill as much as we had wanted to this summer..meli invited me and emir to go see the village on friday..that movie looks good..i love scary movies..but i cant go..we're gonna be busy wid gettin everything ready for the party and all..tonite china and papito get here!! so buddies..imma update later..x0x0
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