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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-29-2004 at 5:14pm
...past two days...
....Well, Ive been grounded from the computor for the past two days, so I havent updated....Well, Tuesday, I went to the library....that was ok, I guess. Me, Kelci, and Preston were in a chat together, and it was quite funny! But then, I told him that I was stuck to him, and he seriously started messing with me. Like he said that he didn't want to be some one to be stuck to and he will hide his love in the bottom of his soul, or something like that. And I told him I was just kidding, and he told me that he didnt want to hold me back from anything, so we started talking just the two of us, and he really scared me because he told me he liked some one else, and he wasnt joking this time. He still likes Kelci.... I will kind of hurts because she is like my best friend almost! Any ways, then Eric showed up with one of his friends, and we hung out... and then I spent the night at Yaminahs again, and Preston called me, and we were on the phone for quite awhile...

Yesterday- I went to Perkins :-) that was yummy! then we went to the mall, and that was awsome. SImone isnt shy AT ALL. And I saw Chad Odem...(I dont know how to spell his last name) and we hung out for a little while. But, I saw Jon Economy and I met a bunch of people. Hot guys! LoL, then we came home, I spent the night at Yaminahs AGAIN. Took a shower, called Preston, (10:37). I talked about Eric and Todd alot, and it pissed him off, so we got into this little argument......He wouldnt talk to me, and I knew somthing was on his mind because he told me that if your sad or mad, it helps you work out or something like that, and then I knew somehting was up. SPecially when I told him not to hurt himelf and he was being a jerk. So, he asked me a bunch of questions about Todd and Eric and then he told me that he didn't want to hear about me n them or what ever and he started talking about Candace and where he fingerd her and all this stuff, and really made me felt like shit.
Him "you dont liek that very much, do u"
me "no, not really. and now i feel like shit, i guess i deserve it thought"
him "no, you dont"
me "next time I do this, just tell me to shut up, and yeash, I did deserve this"
him "Sara, shut up please"
me "haha, ok"
him "you know what you dont talk about enough?"
me "what"
him "how beautiful you are"
me *spaz attack*
lol, yeah, that was our conversation...Last night, I had ALOT of spaz attacks, man, he was sweet to me after I started crying. I really did feel like shit, but yeah. Now I feel ALOT better. He is coming to Cape Coral, maybe soon. I hope he does, we are supposed to wrestle at the beach! That should be fun, Im kinda scared though, because he said he was going to untie my top, and I was like freeking out on him because I dont want my boobs to hang out all over the place! But then he started singing to me, and thats why I had a bunch of spaz attacks, but all was good. The we both were really tired, so we juss hun gup (3:00 AM)

today- me, Meana, and Simone went to our freshman prep day today. I got my ID, Locker, and books. I saw the triplets and Matt, and kinda met Caleb and Bo.... they always seem to get some cute BFs!!! LoL! Then, we went to the mall, and some spanish guys came up to us and asked us for our number :-) LoL....but yeah, I got pants at Pac Sun, Converse (dang, finally LoL Leanne!!!), uhm, and we went to Wal*Mart and I got a skirt and some shirts and "Fall out boy" cd....and yeah, thats about it. Now, I am home talking to Elyse and watching Starsky & Hutch...It's funny, yet, I haven't laughed once.... hmmm, pondering........hehe..... wow, Alex and Sean are freeking out bc the girls are kissing. And the little boy in the movie almost died, and it reminded me of "You got Served" when the boy died, and I started cracking up. Leanne knows what I mean :-) lol....ok, well, I am done now.peAce!

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