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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-30-2004 at 4:40pm
Current mood: giddy
Subject: when i grow up, i'll turn the tables. // garbage
i could use some underground music right now. idk...

yesterday ~~~> woke up, showered, headed out. we had plans to go to the odyssey fun world, kinda like boomers, and it happened to be closed. so we made a trip out to frankfort to go to the grainery. didn't go as planned because it wasn't what my parents expected it to be. but we ended up at "THE PLUSH HORSE" which has amazing homemade icecream. iwescreem. hehe. i kept thinking about that ice cream since we got here cause i knew that grandpa took us there the last time i was in chicago. but anyways... then we came back to uncle jim's & aunt gails.... freshened up... and headed for uncle joey's house. I GOT TO SEE ANASTACIA! lol weeee. i missed her. we talked throughout dinner... which we had at Traverso's. my dad made reservations for 18 people through OnStar... and the lady at the desk was all happy cause it was her first OnStar call ever lol. anyways... after dinner i slept over ms. anastacia derro's house. we talked for hours and then, she got online and we talked to the boys. bubba ---> DAWG! tony ---> house cat. and tommy with the ketchup chips. disgusting. rambo kept biting off bubba's fingers lol. but anyway we enjoyed the night. and woke up... i hadda leave and now i am waiting on my mom to get outta the shower. i miss talking to people. i talked to logan earlier today lol. =) i wanna talk to jonah though, i'm so used to talking to him at least once a day... but now the kid has other priorities... and i can't call him much because my phone has bad connection & it roams up here. so i just wish the punk would get online. anyways... o yeah and anastacia's boyfriend's song that he wrote for her for v-day was the funniest & sweetest. he's a cool dude, with huge feet. i wanna live up here... i miss the family things. =) bye byes. xoxo
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