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chelsea_louise (profile) wrote,
on 7-30-2004 at 5:35pm
Subject: i look soo sexy today.
no one ever comments on my journal entrys anymore...i just noticed that. why? why dont they love me no more? geesh...well im going to walmart with jan today and im going to see if any of my pictures are developed yet and ill bring them with me to jessica's tomorrow and im going to get a camera to bring with me to perrys and take pictures cause i dont have any pictures of my cedar friends...just erica, andrea, tony, and matt and some of eddy too i think but thats about it. lol. well im going to go call jan to see if shes ready. im going to take a picture of myself when i get the camera cause i look hot today. lol.

...Virgiline Chelsea Louise Dadd...
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