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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-30-2004 at 7:21pm
Subject: ...I cant get him out of my head...
....It really ruined my day today. I had band camp today, and I did pretty well, but I kept thinking about Preston and I messed up alot bc I wasnt concentrating enuff! But, as soon as I got up, i listend to Fall Out Boy, on the way to skewl, and on the way home too.....Mr Porter (my band teacher) is going to Warp Tour tonight :-/ damn him, I wanted to crawl inside his trunk and go with him, even iif I had to just wait outside the thing so I can c Preston, I was soooo mad I didnt know which car was his tho :( Oh well, and then Chris called me, and i dont know where to call him back at and I called everyone but Estone bc I dont know his #, and no one else is answering their phone......It pisses me off, but Alex said that he would call back in a half hr or so...hope so!

Jessie is supposed to come to band practice tomaro. I hope so, I will finally have someone to talk to other than the triplets, bc we all got bored and wanted some one else to tlk to LoL. But naw, I haven't seen her in a long time, since skewl ended...

Usher was in Ft Myers yesterday at my friend Kyle's mom's hotel....thats soooo cool! ok, yeah, I am gonna go, I need a shower and I needd to get ready for the movies tonight! yay :-D
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