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lifesuxsodanz (profile) wrote,
on 7-31-2004 at 9:47pm
Subject: paying homage to my house of worship...
ok yesterday...Lauren came over to work on EE stuff and she brought Frankie with her. I could safely say that I despise just about anyone between the ages of 1 and 13 (and then some) but Frankie is by far the greatest 11 year old in the world. She's so funny and she doesn't annoy me at all lol I told lauren I would take her sis over her anyday.

Yeah so later we dropped Frankie off at home and met michelle at Panera (WE were a 1/2 hour early btw which is just a miracle)
Yeah so ate some food then went to see the Village....ok well looking back....I liked it but....compleately not what they made it sound like. Not scary at all...plenty to make fun of....I think the moral was don't let the handicapped kids fuck around in the forest. That only leads to trouble. lol I could go on and on but I will stop there.

Thennnn Michelle was driving me home and Hillary called and asked if we wanted to swing by glory days to meet up with her and Zach. It's so weird the ways I run into that kid he's the embodiment of what a small world it is. Started off he's just ashleys cousin then he lives in johns neighborhood then he lives across the street from hillary then he and hillary have been friends since they were little kids and then lauren has been good friends with him since middle school and thennn he had that whole thing with danielle. It's just....idk...what are the odds of all that?

anyway we hung out with them for a little bit. He invited us to go with them to see anchor man but uhhh....we umm...had to be getting home....that's it. So we said goodbye to them michelle took me home.

lol then I went online and kept Amy awake until 2:00!! This is the girl who goes to bed at 9 every night it was amazing we actually had a very nice talk and she even gave me sum inspiration lol. I'm glad I am finally getting to know her.

After she left I kept John up until almost 4:00! he's another one who likes his beauty rest. It was a typical John/Jessica convo so it was riddled with insults and twisted topics. We decided to start keeping score because some of our one liners are just priceless.

MisScarlet219 (2:25:31 AM): wtf are u doing awake
MisScarlet219 (2:25:39 AM): do u know what time it is
Kangaegoto (2:25:43 AM): talking to a would-be hooker
MisScarlet219 (2:25:55 AM): well tell ur mother its past her bedtime

Yeah so I still wasn't tired so I stayed up for a while then there was this huge bug in my room so I screamed for my dad to come kill it (this was around 5am mind you) and no I will never get too old to scream like a little girl when I see bugs.

Yeah so I slept with the light on because I'm a paranoid freak like that and I didn't wake up until 3 in the afternoon. I sat around for a bit then my mom and I went to the mall to take advantage of the last of tax free week. I got some new bras and underwear...that stuff is so damn expensive for never being seen (most of the time lol) w/e it's all cute and prettyful.

Then I bought this purse which is now THE reddest thing I own it's insane it's like fire engine lipstick red I have no idea what I will wear it with but I love it! Yeah then I got some new makeup and then sum flip flops from pacsun. MY mom is so dumb the guy at the register was really fricken hot I grant you and he was like trying to talk to me I guess (he was just asking me if it was still raning and talking about it being so shitty outside) and my mom is like omg that guy was hitting on you and you couldnt even smile or make an effort what is wrong with you. First of all she was standing right next to me I doubt he was hitting on me with my mom right there and second...he was probably like 20 (which my mom wouldnt have liked as much lol) with a girlfriend...and third I was so tired I didn't care I just wanted to go home and eat dinner lol.

The mall was real crowded but the only person I saw was mitch lol I just said nope not saying anything as I walked by him and he was like fine don't talk to me I see how it is. Yup I am a mean girl.

I also asked my mom about Rock the Universe and she said shed consider I hope she says yes. It's not just that she doesn't trust me and my friends there also might be some other big stuff going on with her around that time and it just wouldn't be a good time for me to be worrying her which I get.

Blah so now I'm home and I had my pizza so I am quite happy. God I have to do my bio work soon...damn school...eagle ettes starts again on monday 8am-12 everyday this week. kill me

14 days until michelle and the rest of them leave : (

~love to all~
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