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hiphulagirl (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2004 at 12:48am
Subject: blech
i've got to go to Atlanta for two weeks to learn how to drive and disassemble more heavy machinery. Luckily I can visit my parents while i'm up there. It's great to have left them on good terms because whenever I come home mom buys me toilet paper for my apartment and junk like that. When i come back i have exactly two weeks here again. Then I leave for two weeks in Hawaii. For work. But hell, there's a beach ON BASE. ROCK. I really wasnt in the mood to travel though, and god knows i've come to hate the drive to ATL. By the time I get there it'll be time for another oil change... and maybe new brake pads, but I think i'll put that off until the next oil change after this one. lalala. Yay for tax free shopping day. I bought 80 bucks of liquor, 60 bucks of clothing, and 100 bucks of CDs. Productive.
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