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sxrxsx (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2004 at 2:02am
Current mood: kinda pissed off, paranoid and sad all at the same
Music: useless words - umm, forgot the band.
Subject: mooore nothing
i doubt anyone really reads this journal, the one people read is the other carpetrebellion one on livejournal. but that one sucks. i think. so does this one. all of em do. okay shutup.
Things are shitty, once again, I'm not saying it just to seem cool cause i have issues or anything stupid like that.
I need to talk to gabe about everything but
i'm afraid it'll just make things worse
cause that's happened before
and it sucks ass of course
He got all mad, well it seemed like it
or maybe i just take things too seriously
shit i really need to talk to him bout it
man him being in mexico fucked things up
i can't even begin to explain
but this sucks
he's so confusing sometimes
but what's saying it here gonna do?
fuck it.

I got some snails. And this ugly fish who eats algae.
How interesting. My angelfish has become more aggressive.

My birthday was on Sunday, went to san antonio and got some stuff there. It was nice. Better than staying here and doin nothing which wouldve happened otherwise.
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