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brutisimo (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2004 at 7:35pm
Music: Alkaline Trio
Subject: It is nice to have time...
Alright here is the update i know you have all been eagerly anticipating.

caddy: Better than i could have ever hoped...i almost don't want to leave...almost...

Family: the biggest reason i DO want to leave...

Boys: generally good...more specific details below...

Work: AWESOME i love it here and i have the best co-workers ever...once again more detailed analysis below...

friends: They are great, i am terrible about hanging out and calling them though i am sort of a deserter...

Alcohol: every weekend plus some

Cigars: WAY more than i should...tried a cigarette, but did not like it...I buy Dan tons though...eeee

Alright here is the lowdown, I know no one else even knows any of these people, but i do, and this journal is for me mostly.

BT: so hot, but too skinny and likes katie...BUt he did learn some songs for me, and we talk a lot...i think katie is just playin him, but he is totally retartded for her, so i try to just be supportive

Ryan: way better than i ever thought things would be...he drank with us too, which was weird, but good...i don't know what it is about that kid, but i feel safe and comfortable with him. he is going to MSU in the fall more K-College for is sort of sad, but i thinkit will be better for our relationship for him to be farther away.

Max: havent heard from him all summer, but i am ok, and it has opened me up to other possibilities...still miss him like crazy though

Dan: SO HOT...we have gotten pretty close too, he is retarded for his GF too though...goddamn it i have not hung out with one eligible guy this summer...i mean i have made some aweosme friends but i was hoping to have some sort of relationship this last hope is...

Chip: strange and funny, but he is my boss so he would never even think about it...he is hot and nice and really sweet to me though...

Alright here are some random stories...

singing hands down while drunk is superdifficult...the tempo needed to be SO was funny though

painting indians with alkaline trio symbols is NEVER a good idea

forking someone who went to military school is never a good idea...he WILL win

hello my name is Hiney Peeper

hello my name is Fuzzy Beaver

hello my name is Blue-Eyed Tail-Mopping Squirrel

Taking a giant fork with you wherever you go always provides many entertaining stories

arcades are fun especially when you get to watch 2 guys dance REALLY badly

marker fights are not as fun when the markers are permanent

kids are retarded

and NEED a good bottle opener for heineken but if you dont have one, you need a drunk friend who is not afraid to tear t shit out of his hands to open the bottle for you

I hope this has been enlighteneing, and i am looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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