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QueenWog (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2004 at 9:03pm
Current mood: just fine
Music: Lil' Shop of Horrors
Subject: updating!
Hey y'all! I am finally updating again! The last two weeks have been crazy! I have been doing SETT for the last two weeks with Nicole and other cool people like that! It was a lot of fun, all in all! I got to do Who's on First in the showcase and some other fun stuff like Nicole and my spiffy little piano scene thing. Don't ask. And our super awesome MJ dance, choreographed by the wonderful Christina, was great too. Oh, and who could forget Grayson dressing in drag? That was great. I am SO bummed that Kristi is leaving, though... I won't ever get to work with her again! *cries* I am going to miss her so much it isn't even funny!
Louise and Nicole and I have been hanging out the last few days since she is home from Franceland! We saw Anchorman together which is hilarious! Friday, Marcella, Louise, and I saw Terminal which is REALLY good! I love Tom Hanks!!!! I also saw the Downtown cast of West Side Story after the movie, but with Nicole. It was pretty good actually. One of the best performances PYT has done in a while. And where did all those guys come from? I saw the other cast today, and even though they were supposed to be worse, I didn't think they were to bad! Of course, there were mistakes, but hey, it's children's theatre and I don't feel like being negative. Overall, I was impressed with the show! Good job everybody!
Off to partay at Ali's! Later!
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