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drifting_unknown (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2004 at 9:53pm
Music: monday monday
Subject: i miss you
today at work that song came on and all i could think of is you and that day... i couldnt stop my eyes from swelling up with tears. i used to tell you everything, now i have no one who i can really talk to like i could with you.
friday night i had a whole bunch of people over and we had a bonfire/party outside. it was the last night that ash, krystal, and katie were here till they left for colorado/california the next day so it was like a farewell party for them and me i guess before i go to bc in a week. i got soooooo trashed. i was tipsy before the majority of the people got there. ... i'm a cheap drunk... my lack of food and just my general size helped me get drunk quicker... but i don't remember much of anything from that night except for throwing up under the tarp and then amy and ash helping me inside. apparently i threw up again inside sometime guess i woke to a mess. i just hear little random bits from different people telling me about how funny i was, about me going on about how huge their joint was, even tho i dont even remember anyone smoking pot, how i kept falling getting up the hill, and what a great party it was. i had fun tho, even the throwing up part. ...i blame the vodka... i still had the vodka bottle stickers that jeremy put on my arm the next morning... it'd still be fun if you came to one of the bonfires even tho it wouldn't end up in us having sex... but i know it'll never happen anymore :( I wish i lived closer, even tho that wouldnt change anything and you still wouldnt want to just hang out and be non casual sex having friends when i'm going out with mike.
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