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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2004 at 11:15pm
so im in fayetteville until wednesday around afternoon ish i guess. i got a compliment from a girl today on my last poem...i went to her journal and found she'd copied and pasted one of my biggest entries from a long time ago on her journal. thats flattering i guess? i dont know. i wish she would've atleast told people it wasnt her own thoughts and feelings..i mean hey, awesome she liked what i said and maybe even she relates completely- which is so cool- but i mean, to put something of someone elses on something of yours...and not tell anyone you didnt write it...i dont know. never mind.

parentals are in the bahamas for a week. rock on. i know they're having a blast.

chelsea is STILL in pennsylvania...SAD SAD SAD times. and then she goes to new york for another ETERNITY. so pretty much no chelsea for a long long long long time. and thats sad. chels- if you're reading this...COME BACK TO WILMINGTON.

ummm yeah thats pretty much it. just hangin out here in fayetteville with my favorite cousins erica and kramar- and kramar's girlfriend crystal who is like a cousin anyways.

yeah and now im rambling so i should go now. no new poetry lately....and now im kind of just ya know, a little scared to post stuff on here now cause there's people out htere who take it. and thats not cool. NO OFFENSE to the silentcriez girl..your compliment was awesome.

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