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kittyneko (profile) wrote,
on 8-2-2004 at 2:22pm
Current mood: creative
Music: Radio: 107.9 WIRK
Subject: BAH!
I'm in a weird mood right now. I am so bored that I am not really bored. Make sense? Didnt make sense to me either. But there ya have it. I was working on my scrap book a little earlier. Its turning out pretty snazzy. I figured I should put my pics in a scrap book since my "picture box" has seen better days.

I actually got up at 7:50 am . Well I did have a purpose, to change my schedule, but that didnt really work out. I still cant get the classes I want. Bah! You know, this class that I am trying to get out of, Literature of Knighthood, is probably going to be one of my favorite classes. It would make sense, because I am trying so hard to get rid of it, but cant. I was looking up the professor and his website and he seems pretty cool. Maybe it wont be sooo bad. I mean I like to read. And knights are pretty cool. I guess I will just have to give it a chance...HOLY CRAP! Did we just witness Michelle being reasonable?! Wow, I must be growing up...

My mom is telling me to start packing. I almost wet my pants. Well, not really but I cant think of another phrase. I cant start packing yet. I am still using the stuff! Why would I pack something just to take it back out? Silly mothers. I told her I would do it the night before. Hehehe....

*Sigh* I have to do some laundry. I guess I will be back laters. Since I have nothing better to do with myself. Damn, its raining really hard now. I hope my car doesnt float away!
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