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kate (profile) wrote,
on 8-2-2004 at 4:19pm
Current mood: disgusted
Music: The Clash - Spanish Bombs
Subject: I hope Rat Girl's reading this.
Okay, we got complained about at work, so they moved us to another crew. All I know is that apparently we fought with the other people on our crew, and said their music was stupid, and those are the only reasons we've gotten for it.
For one, we didn't fight with them, in fact we never talked to them. Not that we made it a thing not to talk to them, we've just had no reason to.
Now I can understand the music part, because we did talk about how their music sucked, but it's not all we talked about. We work 7 hours a day, 6 days a week, do they not expect us to repeat things? And almost anyone would agree, their music.. sucked. Here's what they listened to: Spice Girls, Brittany Spears, Simple Plan, every Now made, rap, country, and get this, Disney Soundtracks. Who wants to listen to fucking disney movie theme songs for 7 fucking hours? So yeah, we said it sucked.
And that's where I get stuck. Besides hating their music, I have no idea why they made such a big deal about us. Even when we brought our stereo, we picked through the cds for things they'd like too. Now I wish we would've played some industrial/death metal because obviously it wouldn't have made a difference.
So I talked to Ellen, the boss, and she just kept saying, "uh huh," "yep," "ok." She wouldn't even listen to me. She wouldn't give me a fucking chance. She'll believe them, but apparently our words have no merit. Which really pisses me off, because that's not fair, or just, or any of that shit. We're guilty until proven innocent.
The thing that really bothers me the most, is that they said absolutely nothing to us. We had no idea that we were bothering them, or offending them. I mean, what the fuck. They have a problem, so they run to the boss. They wouldn't tell me, and either would Ellen, exactly why we were switched. All I know is the rumors I've heard, that we fought, which I know isn't true considering we didn't talk. If they go around telling their boss, their teachers, or their moms whenever they have a problem with someone, they're going to have trouble through life. Talk to the fucking person personally. And by not telling us what exactly we did, do you think we're going to learn from it? By never even telling us we were doing something, how could you expect us to stop? We would have if you would've just mentioned something. My God. It's like you have no decency. I need to do Sorting, and I want to be a crew leader next year, I seriously need the money, but now, my chances of that happening, are probably really low. Thanks a fucking lot. You could've stopped being a pussy and told us, and I would've respected that.
So fuck you. Fuck you, Shelly. Fuck you, Shawna. Fuck you, Stephanie. Fuck you, Ellen.

Now Jacqui, I have something to say to you personally. As much as Shawna, and Shelly, and even you sometimes, annoyed me, I still defended you to Stacy and Lisa. But now that I'm just a "moron," I regret defending you at all. Forget being friends for at least 8 years. Forget you.
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