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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 8-3-2004 at 12:10am
Current mood: awake
Music: every little thing i do, never seems enough for you. // NSYNC lol
Subject: x posting. **
yesterday was fun. i went to ULTA (this big makeup store), Borders, and Carsons (to look at the Coach purses) with my aunt. Afterwards, we came home & i went to the Cubs / Phillies game. cubs won! yay!

today = woke up early, headed north to Six Flags Great America. Hit every rollercoaster with the exception of DeJavu. we went on... Batman, Superman, Raging Bull, Vertical Velocity, Logger's Run, Ice Mountain Splash, Rapid, Demon, American Eagle & some stand up rollercoaster. omg we hadda blast, now i feel like i am permanently on a rollercoaster. we got $90 worth of Fast Lane Passes, so we could do all the rides.

its now 10:42pm here and uncle jim & daddy just came back with White Castles =D

anyways... 2morrow we finally get to go visit gramma Emily's grave. i'm happy.

i got calls from brett & travis last night. they were in front of my house. damn and joey was with them too. o well... i will see them when i get home. i have to call millions of people when i get home. Ashley E, Jonah, Brett, Travis, Alex G, Brittany, Danielle G, Britt, Ryan, JB, Jackie, etc. yay! people missed me! <3333 anyways, i g2g cause i feel kinda sick. =/ hehe
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