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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 8-3-2004 at 12:27am
Current mood: moody
Music: ..h0w c0me -->> d12..
Subject: . l0ve lyke y0u never benn hurt bef0re .
it was a g00d weekendD .. i guess. MiKE met my parentsz nd they lyke hiim a l0t. then after that 0n satuRdayy, i dr0ppedD hiim 0ff nd me nd eRin went t0 see WHiTE CHiCKS finally! l0l, it was g00dD. we came back t0 my h0use nd t00k sh0tsz which didnt d0 SHiT. talkedD t0 miKe f0r the niight. yeSterdayy, went sh0ppiin wit eRin nd then we went t0 miKe's h0use. eRin b0ught shyt f0r NAUTiCA (( the puppyy's name )) nd then we went back d0wn t0 daVie f0r AJ's partyy thiingy. eRin was madD high cuz miKe g0t her fuckedD upp. it was g00d stuff. she triedD t0 act n0rmal nd she did prettyy g00d .. l0l. then we went back t0 miKe's nd i g0t pissedD 0ff cuz he was s0o fuckedD upp nd alm0st fuckedD upp my car lyke 8oo timesz. we were sp0sedD t0 g0 b0wling but me nd eRin were the 0nlyy 0nesz that were guna actuallyy b0wl which w0ulda benn gayy s0o we didnt. then phiL nd taYja (( phiL's bytch ass h0e ugly trail0r trash gurl )) came 0ver. then chRistina (( uglyy wh0re )) nd redD came. s0o me nd eRin left nd miKe g0t pissedD 0ff. i left cuz he was talkiin sum shyt nd i g0t madD at hiim. then taYja was talkiin sum gayy shyt b0ut me nd eRin. i wantedD t0 hit that bytch s0o badD. s0o me nd eRin left nd went t0 jaCki's. then miKe calledD nd wantedD t0 see me s0o i dr0ve all the wayy t0 findD 0ut he w0uldnt c0me 0utside nd see me s0 i left nd went t0 eRin's f0r the niight nd that was it. t0dayy, we w0ke upp nd went t0 miKe's. then we left t0 g0 t0 w0rk. i was late by lyke 1o minutesz nd i thiink eRin was a little late t00. after w0rk, i went t0 miKe's. saw jaCki nd met patRick, deViin, chRis, nd juStin. then miKe g0t lyke jeal0us 0r sum shyt s0 we left. went t0 get whiite nd it was madD gayy. we went by the place he's tryiin t0 get. it's g0t a living r00m, kitchen, bathr00m nd bedr00m. i lyke it a l0t. i h0pe we can get it. it's $6oo a m0nth th0. we juss talkedD b0ut h0w we relle d0 l0ve each 0ther nd shyt. newh0, i g0tta madD headache s0o imma g0. LATER.

<33 SiSi
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