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Hiei (profile) wrote,
on 8-4-2004 at 3:19am
Current mood: annoyed
Music: Guns N Roses- Welcome to the Jungle. (Thanks Kud.)
Subject: You can't stop ROCK!
Alright everyone. Guns N' Roses is heavy metal/rock and roll correct? I don't even like the band this much to argue but I had to. We took tests on what kind of rock you were, I got classic, and here we go:

Girl: I got Alternative rock
Hiei Sensei: poor you.
Hiei Sensei: I thought you were tough. <<(Obviously I was kidding right here.)
Girl: cha you are gay
Girl: classic sucks ass
Hiei Sensei: What!?
Hiei Sensei: Classic started it all!
Hiei Sensei: It's what makes the world go round.
Hiei Sensei: It's Led Zeppelin, and black Sabbath and the rolling stones.
Girl: Ok shut up don't want to hear it.
Girl: All ugly music. Stupid, sick tunes.. ick
Hiei Sensei: Feh, you don't know rock and roll then..
Girl: Whatever Hiei
Hiei Sensei: Yea.. whatever.
Hiei Sensei: Damn stiff.
Hiei Sensei: -roams off- <<(I was going to end it there..)
Girl: ::rolls eyes and walks off in opposite direction:: *he always just comes up to me and just starts something then stomps off when I dont' agree.. then he tells ME to grow up*
Hiei Sensei: You're the one who dissed my music first.
Hiei Sensei: And you take everything too seriously.
Girl: ::sighs::
Girl: -_-+
Hiei Sensei: You damn well know Zeppelin and Black Sabbath doesn't suck.
Girl: ::stays silent, not remembering who they are but probably know their songs::
Hiei Sensei: You just made fun of them.. and you don't know who they are?
Hiei Sensei: Stairway to Heaven!
Hiei Sensei: The first band Ozzy was in,
Hiei Sensei: and Paint it black.
Girl: Ewww Ozzy's music sucks
Hiei Sensei: Black Sabbath is not "Ozzy's"
Hiei Sensei: It's Black Sabbath.
Hiei Sensei: It's legend.
Hiei Sensei: Jimmy Hendricks is classic.
Girl: Why are you still on it?
Girl: I don't care!
Hiei Sensei: Because I can't believe you don't know them!
Girl: ::shrugs:: I know 'songs' not the people that sing them.
Hiei Sensei: Right. What was I thinking? <<(again going to end it)
Girl: Gackt is rock, Dir en Gray, PIA that is rock
Hiei Sensei: Fuck that..
Girl: Ha ha
Girl: Do you know Guns N Roses?
Hiei Sensei: Yes, that is heavy metal.
Girl: ::falls::
Girl: Guns N Roses?
Hiei Sensei: Yes.
Girl: lmao
Girl: rotflmao
Hiei Sensei: Welcome to the Jungle.
Hiei Sensei: Sweet child of mine.
Girl: Omg that is not heavy
Hiei Sensei: Yes it is.
Hiei Sensei: Want to bet?
Girl: Welcome to the Jungle is NOT heavy at all
Hiei Sensei: Yea it is.
Girl: rotflmao
Girl: you poor poor jap
Hiei Sensei: Don't call me a jap.
Girl: I'm sorry can't help it lmao you think THAT shit is heavy? God that is fucking funny
Girl: That song is NOT heavy at all
Hiei Sensei: I'll prove it.
Girl: .. whatever
Girl: God hiei just stop it I don't give a fuck ok?
Girl: Just go take it to Kurama or someone ..
Girl: ur sister SOMEONE
Hiei Sensei: Now I can't stop because you don't know anything about rock!
Girl: Omg.. Ok Mr. classic.. god you .. ah.. ::walks away stopping::
Girl: Sorry for the jap thing
Hiei Sensei: No you're not.
Girl: bit.. aggravated at the moment.
Girl: If you believe I'm not then fine..
Hiei Sensei: You can call me jap as long as I can call you cracker.
Girl: but I really am.. i always get on to people for doing it.. I get called cracker all the time -.-'
Girl: (by germans)
Hiei Sensei: Germans are crackers..
Hiei Sensei: They're white.
Girl: Yep sure are
Girl: they are hairy crackers
Hiei Sensei: Salty Crackers.
Girl: ::sighs; keeps walking away::
Hiei Sensei: -watches-
Hiei Sensei: Do you need me to send you the song Welcome to the Jungle?
Hiei Sensei: Because you seem confused..
Girl: Have you HEARD the song?
Girl: That music is not hard.
Hiei Sensei: I have the CD.
Girl: Good for You
Girl: I don't.
Girl: Dont' want it either
Hiei Sensei: And it is, it's not goth metal that's all screaming and gibberish, it's the 80's heavy.
Girl: That would be classic old shit rock not heavy nowadays
Hiei Sensei: Nah, dir en grey and gackt are posers. (in asian form)
Hiei Sensei: Why can't you see that?
Hiei Sensei: Do you even know their lyrics?
Girl: Nope sure don't
Girl: I like their music though
Girl: the music itself
Hiei Sensei: Because their japanese..
Girl: I their m.u.s.i.c.
Girl: Not because they are japanese asshole
Hiei Sensei: Seems like it.
Girl: I don't care woohooie about asians anymore
Hiei Sensei: Sure.
Hiei Sensei: If you like that stuff, listen to techno.
Girl: I do like Techno.
Girl: Go check out Enigma and Rockell
Hiei Sensei: Then don't talk about rock like you know it.
Girl: .. fuck you damnit Hiei. I know what Rock I fucking like so just fuck off
Hiei Sensei: You don't know it.
Girl: Damn why do you always want me to fucking bust huh?
Girl: Fuck you, you are fucking .. Ooo just.. god..
Girl: whatever damnit
Hiei Sensei: Untill you admitt Guns N' Roses is heavy metal (because pretty much all rock in the 80's/early 90's WAS) then I won't stop.
Hiei Sensei: Sweet child of Mine, Knockin on Heavens door, Patience.. Those are called Power Ballads. <<(attempting to explain her flaw)
Hiei Sensei: They're soft songs rock bands play.
Girl: I go by what's in my fucking book Hiei. You are asking for my opinion and I give you it and you konw it's not gonna change ur not gonna change my opinion so shut up and stop it
Hiei Sensei: It's not an opinion, it's fact!
Girl: Guns N Roses was heavy back in the day but isn't anymore, that is left for Korn and Slipknot
Girl signed off at 12:47:15 AM.

Yes, thought I'd pull a Buda and put in a conversation. Anyway, who's childish? She gave no facts, she gets mad so easily over nothing. I didn't know she would get so damn mad over a little thing like Alternative rock. (As we all know, it was rock for geeks, no offense to it.) She says classic rock sucks when she doesn't even know what it is, and if you do (if you're reading this) IM me and tell me. She says she likes rock but she appears to only like "New Wave." Rock with keyboards.. She doesn't know it's background, so what the fuck?
Skip Knot- Goth Metal
Korn- Punk rock. (probably, sorry don't listen to these bands but that's what I'm guessing. Feel free to prove me wrong.)
If ANYONE has another opinion feel free to say it, I like debates. If you agree, show some support. That's all there is there isn't anymore.
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