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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 8-4-2004 at 10:12am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: numb
Well, Libby is in pittsburgh and i am at her house... she has to go to a doctors app. and i dont kno. i just really didnt feel like doing anything... i did tons of shopping since i got here.. i got like 10 shirts, 3 capris, 2 jeans, shoes, bathing suits, purse, wallet... so so much...
I feel so.. numb...
i have a really good friend and i find out shes been cutting herself pretty bad and i honestly dont know what to say to her... i want to just make everything okay but i cant... i guess tahts why i didnt feel like doing anything today because im so out of it.. i love this girl to death and would step infront of a bullet for her.. no for you thinking im talkign about myself, you are wrong. im soo confused abotu the whole ordeal but i mean, what can i do about it?? ok im going tow rite happy thoughts,'
i saw my new cousin rachel. shes such a cutie, when i get back to ft myers, im putting the pics on teh comp.
i have been hanginig out with emily izzo and leah parsons soo much since i got here.
on monday, leah picked libby and i and emily up and we went thrift shopping and i got some cool ass shit! then em had to go to tennis, so we dropped her off at lynch field, and i saw greg tuttle in the passing, and i didnt talk to him tho, and then after we dropped her off, we decided to go to gabes. i did sooo good there. the most expensive thing i got was a skirt for $10, but this skirt is so incredibly cute, you have no idea! then, mrs. parsons called and needed leah home and she ended up getting in trouble, but before she got in truoble, i vistited with them. i havent seen mr. and mrs. parsons in 5 years!! trust me, thats a long time in seein them! then is aw stepehen! my husband from 2nd grade!!! lol, hes the same as he used to be cept his voice is deep, but i guess thats what puberty can do to a guy! Then they insisited we get pizza, so while the pizza was comin, me leah libby and stephen went to ricks video to get sum movies but on the way we stopped to get derek for stephen so he wasnt completly girled out! so, got back, ate, tried to find out what the work "skit" means, the word from get low, and i found out!
lol i called billy to find out because none of us girls new! then, me stephen and derek went into the pool, i wore leahs shorts and a big t-shitr. lib said the water aws too cold and leah just didnt want to get in, so they were talkignt o her parents till i got out and then we went home around 11.
yesturday-- we went to the mall aroudn 1 until 6. i got alot mroe crap! lol just what i need! emily met us there somewhere around 3. we had alot of fun! me and lib got sum japanese food! that was tastey! we spend an hour in waldenbooks looking at sex stuff. it was hilarious! and we looked up what our name means! mine says im sophisticated. WOOO! who could imagaine? then em came over, we went to the little playground and i saw liz, my old babysitter from forever ago. shes graduateing from college this year, so shes excited. I saw my old house. i didnt cry tho. i cried at the crick. its so diffrerent. the changes are aweful! they just arent right.. i dont know what else to say about it. Ashley Linden, she was driving, OH GOD! lol... and i was on the road the other day too but tahts besides the point!
Today, we are... actually i dont kno what we're doing but im sure ill update you on it.
i have to work on the AP euro stuff on a World Lit Only By Fire, libs mom had the book, so i think ill start working on it.
Love Always
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