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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2004 at 1:18am
Current mood: amused
Subject: just playin games..
i had an amazing bath. and now i'm just hanging but listen to this

BlkCandyNecklace [11:56 PM]: Upchuck2005 [11:53 PM]: its good im coming back saturday, if ur not 2 bizy being employee of the month we should hang out sum time

BlkCandyNecklace [11:56 PM]: BlkCandyNecklace [11:54 PM]: lmao
BlkCandyNecklace [11:54 PM]: did i tell you that?
Upchuck2005 [11:54 PM]: were u really lol
BlkCandyNecklace [11:55 PM]: lol
BlkCandyNecklace [11:56 PM]: Upchuck2005 [11:55 PM]: i was just kidding
BlkCandyNecklace [11:55 PM]: lmao
BlkCandyNecklace [11:55 PM]: i was for july
Upchuck2005 [11:55 PM]: lol
Upchuck2005 [11:56 PM]: ur parents must of been proud, they probably held another one of those quesadilla parties 4 u

battlestarre [11:57 PM]: LOL!
battlestarre [11:57 PM]: lol omg thats hilarious!
battlestarre [11:57 PM]: whats funnier is he took spanish
battlestarre [11:57 PM]: a cheese and tortilla party for jenny!
BlkCandyNecklace [11:58 PM]: lol
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