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sameen (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2004 at 1:31am
Heyy... it's been a long time. I missed home. I got back yesterday. The flight while comin here wasn't as bad as it was while going there. U know how it seems longer GOING someplace compared to COMING from someplace? I dunno. And the layovers at the airports weren't as bad. When we were leavin Dhaka, one of our suitcases was too heavy. It was 42 kilo's [I dunno what the conversion to lbs is..] and the limit is 32. Even tho some of our suitcases were 36/37.. he [the person that was checking us in] let that slide, but not wit the 42. So we had to take things out and stuff it into our handbags and we opened another suitcase and stuffed things into that. And it was really full. And sure enough, the chain broke, so there were clothes and stuff coming out of it when we arrived in Miami. I don't like British people. The people at Virgin Atlantic were rude to us both ways. I don't think people out of the U.S. can stand Americans. But I mean, me and my family aren't really American.. well technically me and my sister r- but u know what I mean.. right? Anyway, it was sad leaving everyone. My aunt actually went to Bangkok that day. So she left before us. But I think my grandparents and aunt will come this winter of early 2005. And possibly my other aunt if she can save enough money. I know my mom really misses my grandparents cuz when she was young she never got 2 spend time wit them. I mean, my mom got married when she was our age. I couldn't ever think of that happenin 2 me at this age. I dunno... these Eastern societies just work so weird. Besides things like that always happening, it's just SO depressing going to the east. There is such poverty and SUCH a difference between the upper class and lower class. There's hardly any middle class. I mean... I just can't describe it. It's a COMPLETELY different world there. Everything.. I mean EVERYTHING there is ENTIRELY different. For people who aren't used to it- it would definitely come as a culture shock. I mean, there were floods with the dirtiest water- some of it even blue from toxins and stuff and ppl were bathing in it and washing their utensils in it. But.. it's not like they have any other choice. And the way the servants r treated... it's awful. My aunt's servant stays overnight 6 days a week JUST so she can give her child lunch. I mean, things like this that we never even have to THINK about. That never even crosses our mind as a possible situation. And it's like.. what did we do to be born into the lives we were. That could have just as easily been us. I mean.. we didn't do anything for God to put us into the lives He did. Nothing special. Nothing out of the ordinary... So in a way it makes u aprreciate things, in America. It's such a powerful country and all the other country's r really dependent on our country. The news always talks about the upcoming election [everyone HATES Bush]. Tv there sucks. Everything is so old. It's like stuff from 2000 and 2001?? And on-line is slow and u have a limited amount of time. Like 1000 mins each month. I don't think I could stand that. And obviously things there r hard to find there. Just all these little things we take for granted. Like shampoo, soap, our snacks, etc. Sorry.. I'm ranting and raving about that. But all in all, it was a good trip in the sense that I got to spend time wit all my family and see my aunt who I haven't seen in 11 years. I got close with everyone, which is the reason why I went..

Anyway, it's nice to back. I had Taco Bell yesterday night. That felt good lol. And then my mom cooked this morning, so I had her food after a long time. It's not that food there is bad, but it's just different. Different species of veg's and stuff. And I couldn't eat outside cuz I didn't wanna get sick- I know sounds paranoid.. but there, it really isn't. People who LIVE there get stomach problems lol. Today I had to go 2 school to do a whole bunch of stuff. And me and Amara had to get gas.. that wasn't fun. It sucks havin 2 pay gas wit cash. Cuz u have 2 go in and tell them and everything. Need to get a debit card. And then wit the rain.. I duno it just took a long time. So then I went 2 the IBO- God, do I hate Ms. Landaker. I had Ms. Kelly first and then since I was switchin into Strat. 4 College Success I had 2 go 2 Ms. Landaker. She is so sloww. And I dunno.. just really inefficient. Annoys me. So here's my new schedule:

1. Strategies for College Success- Colle- I dunno the name.
2. Ap English- Schillit
3. AP US History- Hall
4. Chem II- Swanson
5. AP Spanish- Halcomb
6. AP Bio- Morone
7. Pre Cal- Powers

I feel like I settled too much for Chem, or lowered my standards? I would've taken AP Chem if it wasn't only offered first hour...And I wish I could've gotten farther in math. Comment if u have any classes wit me. I haven't had a chance 2 really check wit ppl. And then I got my locker. It was the bottom one. So I went back 2 get it changed. Luckily, I knew one of the guys, and he did it for me. And the colonel wasn't there. But I switched it and it was the bottom one again lol. They told me if u divide it by 4 it's bottom and none of us checked lol. So then I felt like a dumbass for goin again. But hey.. they didn't check either. It was 132. Not that that is really relevant. But I got 133. So it's all good. I saw Mr. Morone- it was nice seein him again. He's a good man. I respect him. Once again, random. And I saw Liz, Sunil, and Allison- that was nice. I saw Greta 2 while the locker fiasco.

So that's about it. Sorry this was a long entry...
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