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cradleofilth (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2004 at 2:33pm
Current mood: horny
Music: humming of mojos computer
Subject: mwaha.. i am a flaming babboon!!!
looooooonnnnnnnngggg time since i actually did a normal update......

annnnywhos, im at mojos house and shes forcing me to update ^.^ (mojo: I am not!!)

ok, i went to open house for school and yeah, my classes are easy ^_^;;;;;;;;; *cough* my french teachers last name is laffette.....pronounced "la feet" i

where was i, im at mojos house and stuffage, and shes talking to people on meh buddy list ^.^;;;;;; its rather interesting, hehe

This be MOJO!!! ::huggles Joe's journal:: is that even possible?? O.O anyway Joe didn't know what else to write, so here I am goig crazy on the keyboard while he looks at our books liek they are giant sexy beasts!!

ok, im back now O.o....for the moment.... 14 more days til meh bf visits ^____________________________________________________^ *ginormous smile*

mojo is running around the house again....looking for stuff XD i dunno what, but yeah.......sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Mojo: My dad.. just walked in the room.. he smells REALLY bad.... like we're DYING in here...

im back again.......and covered in fumes >.> from mojos daddy....annnyways, this is a long enough entry? ne?

well im done for now, mojo wants to look at somethin, so yeeeeaaahhh im off,

bye byes!!!!!!!!!!!
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